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Legal Moves
by James S Cole
James S Cole -- all rights reserved


Mark Lawson was a prosecuting attorney in the state of New York, one of the best out there. But Mark was not respected, despite his flair of legal matters Mark was scum, the type of scum that gives honest lawyers a bad name. The case never really mattered as much as the amount of money the client was willing to pay, and with Mark they paid through the nose. Mark was also a bigot, not to people of different ethnic backgrounds but to SCABS. Mark hated SCABS and took twisted pleasure in getting them locked up. Mark was approached by a shopkeeper from Pennsylvania who wanted to get rid of a SCAB living in the apartment building across from him. All the evidence in the case was weak, the man claimed the particular SCAB had tried to kill him. In actuality this particular SCAB was the shopkeeper's ex-wife, now an animorph she wolf. She had actually come to the store (supermarket) in order to do her weekly shopping. This infuriated the shopkeeper, but law blocked him for refusing her service. Mark gladly accepted the case, he was getting a huge cash retainer. Mark was sure this would be an open and shut case, all his cases where like that, especially those involving SCABS. Mark had a way of inducing a reaction in juries, to make them blame a SCAB for anything, from murder to petty crimes. Attempted murder he was sure would be easy.

The day Mark entered the court room he wasn't sure what to expect. What he did expect was a easily won case. The judge looked like the kind of man who liked things the way they used to be, Mark was sure he would not object the open attacks on SCABS. The jury was of course in a isolated spot, the days of the jury actually being in the court had ended in 2023, so that lawyers could not change tactics based on the dominate group of the jury. Mark was how ever flabbergasted when the defense attorney entered the room. He had expected some meek little person, a woman perhaps, whom he could tear to shreds. What walked in was perhaps his worst nightmare a SCAB Lawyer. She was huge, a gracefully built reptilian female with all the mammalian features that counted (at least to Mark). She stood almost 7 feet tall with a tightly packed shiny emerald green scales, her figure was slight but feminine due in part to her still present breasts which look large but suited her frame. Thick boney pads rested on her shoulders, large bone spikes jutting out from the center. Her back sported 3 large plates with two huge boney spikes jutting from each. Her head was compact and lizard like, but with a soft feminine feature to it. From the back of her skull two tight sharp spike horns stuck out. Her hands had four digits with sharp talons, her feet three similarly clawed toes. From her behind grew a long sinuous reptilian tail. She dressed in a modified dress, a yellow silk cotton blend with no sleeves, a skirt that reached her knees, and a open back for her plates. A black belt was drawn around he waist and she carried a expensive black leather brief case. She looked at Mark and sneered, accenting her strong jaws and many sharp teeth.

Mark was still confident he could win, after all this was a SCABS defense attorney, and he was human. Who would a jury believe? A scaly spiny SCAB or him the clean cut human? His opening statement was seer genius, he thought his case was won then and there. But he was in for a surprise, for the SCAB countered with an equally brilliant statement of her own. He tried witnesses, but each time he seemed to have a closed case the witness's testimony became either damaging to his case or out right nullified by the SCAB Lawyer. Mark was stunned, his case was being literally torn to shreds by a freak of nature. Every precedent he used she had one to counter it, every shred of evidence he had she made useless, every legal move he made she was two steps ahead of him. In his final statement he went into a long tirade about the evils of SCABS. She blew him away. Finally the verdict was passed. Mark nearly fainted when "not guilty" came back, not since law school had he lost a case. His only foil had been Bonnie "Bunny" Jacard, she was the only person who even had beat him. They had dated for a while but she was a bitch in his opinion and they broke up. Was it possible this was Bunny? He looked at the name plate the SCAB had set out it said Mrs. Ferncock.

"How could I lose?" Mark asked to himself, sitting in the court room after the case.

"Your case was weak and my client was innocent." someone said.

Mark turned to see the SCAB lawyer.

"YOU!" he hissed.

"Of course going into a tirade about SCABS didn't help with a 50% SCAB jury now did it?" She added.

"Fif-fif-Fifity Percent SCAB!!" Mark said not believing it.

"But then I was always able to beat you wasn't I.. Alister." She said.

Mark swallowed hard, when he was 19 he had changed his name legally from Alister to Mark. But only his family and one other person knew that.

"Bunny??" He choked.

"Yes..." She said grinning. "Though the nickname does not suit me so much anymore does it?"

"But how could a SCAB... " He blinked as he choked on the words.

"Funny how you hate SCABS.. being one and all." She said.

"What the hell are you talking about!!" Mark snapped.

"Your a SCAB.. I can smell it you know." She said.

"But I'm a freaking normal human being!!!" Mark shouted.

"Sure keep telling your self that." "Bunny" said. "But ask a doctor your a SCAB... chronomorph I think."

"That's impossible!!" Mark screamed louder.

"Like I said keep telling yourself that." She said.

With that she left, leaving Mark to deal with the gravity of his situation. Surely she was lying he told him self, he was normal not some SCABS freak. But was he sure? The thought began to tear him up inside... just as Bonnie knew it would. Mark would get his comeuppance, and soon.

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