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Meet Mr. M
by James S Cole
James S Cole -- all rights reserved

Note: This story uses the concept of the Federal Lottery. IN 2035 The US government starts a Federal Lottery. Everyone is entered, a random social security number is picked then the person's financial standing is looked at. If they are considered needy enough then they are awarded half a million dollars. If they are not considered needy, or it is discovered they are dead a new number is picked. The odds of winning are nearly nil. This concept is free to be used by any author who writes in TBP story universe.

Life has a funny way of giving and then taking, one moment you feel like your in a hopeless situation, the next things are better than you hoped. Of course sometimes a good thing will suddenly be snatched away. This is how life was for me. First I am depressed because my life seems to be at it's lowest point. Then I take a very stupid risk and it turns out wonderful. I had my family back, my real name, and even a girl friend. Then things changed again.. and my life is crap again. It started with the death of my Mother and Stepfather, very sudden, they died of old age. After their death things got ugly. My brother, 2 step brothers and step sister became more concerned with who gets what than with the funeral and playing off the outstanding debts. As a result I was unable to prevent the house and most of the money from being seized. My family pillaged the house for all valuables, while my siblings argued. When it all ended we had nothing to speak of, I of course being a SCAB was blamed for the whole mess. I got another downer when I returned home, empty handed and alienated by my family. Jen, my girlfriend, had left me. I found a note basically saying she had decided to start over with nothing linking her to her past, and I was part of the past. Of course her winning the federal lotto surely lead to the decision. This all would depress anyone, but I figured I made out better than expected. Until I got the final crushing blow. I had managed to join a new upstart entertainment company. Lancaster Entertainment limited, we did comic books, movies, and computer games. I was part of the computer games division, our first product just about to be ready for the market.. when a brutal hostile take over happened. Seriansoft is their name, and they are a name new companies fear. Seriansoft is a company headed by a bitch of a CEO named Selia Serian. She's a very vocal feminist and a brutal business genius. Mrs. Serian has that kind of amazon attitude that makes my flesh crawl. She is known for taking over business and making them feminist ventures. Everything she considers "male" about a company is removed, and that includes all male employees. It's no secret Mrs. Serian is also a lesbian and a anti-SCABs supporter. How on earth she manages to get away with such business practices really gets my gall up. She hires men alright, for the lowest jobs she can think of, and she of course has her "token" men, most of whom are pussy whipped or transvestites. Her habit of being so hateful of SCABS and treating them unfairly is not anything new, the law still looks the other way when SCABS are persecuted. Lancaster was unprepared for the take over, all the employees where fired, the SCABS more brutally than the rest. Lancaster was a progressive company too, not deserving a early grave. The loss of my job was the final insult. It forced me to sell all my belongings just to keep up with rent. Now I have only 4 weeks left of rent money, 6 if I don't eat.

Now I am forced to revisit something in my past... something I've never shared with anyone.. Mr. M's offer. Who is Mr. M? Truthfully no one knows, few even know of him. I am unlucky enough to know him. During my early days of SCABs I was like many, stuck, on the street, afraid, alone, and not in the best shape. But one day I was approached by a mysterious man, who had a proposition for me. His "employer" had a special position I was right for filling. I foolishly took him up on the offer. It turns out the position was something I never expected.

I was taken to a very palatal mansion out the outskirts of the city. Once there I was taken to a large ball room.. converted into some weird "play" room. The room had pillows and cushions scattered about and on them where almost 50 female SCABS. All where animorphs, nearly half of those rabbits, and they all were either naked or scantily clad. It was easy to tell what this was.. it was a harem.. Mr. M's harem. Now everyone knows what a harem is, but few ever get to actually see one. I was lead through the harem of furry females into a back room, there I met Mr. M. I was shocked when I saw him... he was a famous celebrity.. who I can't say... it could mean my death.

"Good Day Mr. Fox." M said.

"Ummm good day Mr.. umm Mr. M" I said. "I.. was told I was just right for filling a position here."

"Indeed you are.." He said. "Just what I wanted.. you're an arctic fox correct?"

"Yes sir I am.." I replied. "May I ask the nature of this position?"

"Oh the general nature I am sure you have deduced." He said.

"Something.. involving sex acts sir?" I questioned.

"Quite.. tell me.. what kind of position do you think I want you to fill?" He asked me back.

"I.. ummm.. suppose.. I'm here so you can have a male member to your harem." I replied rather shaky.

"Oh no my good man.. not in the least." he said. "My interests are for females only."

"The what position am I to fill?" I asked still afraid.

"My harem requires a dominatrix.. and I want a arctic fox dominatrix." He said.

"Dominatrix?" I was confused. "How can I fill that roll? You want me to crossdress? I certainly won't be having a sex change operation."

"Nothing so crude Mr. Fox." He said. "Your aware many SCABS have the ability to change people for limited amounts of time?"

"Yes I am." I said

"One of my associates has such an ability.. your will be transformed in that manner to a female." He said.

"But wouldn't it be easier to just find a female arctic fox to fill the bill?" I wondered to him.

"In some ways yes.. but I want my dominatrix to look a certain way." He said. "And my associate can transform any male into a female with specific measurements... he can not how ever alter a female's measurements. And surgical alteration is risky and costly."

"How long would I be required to be this way?" I asked.

"A period of 3 months.. for each month I will provide you 1000 dollars and 1 million dollars at the end of the last month." he said. "After that point you may or may not decide to take on the job full time."

"I can leave any time?" I asked.

"At the end of any of the 3 months." he said. "But leave early and you get less money."

I pondered for a second.

"A deal?" he asked.

"A deal.." I said, still not sure what I was getting into.

"My employee with show you to your quarters.. and my associate will be along shortly to transform you." he said. "Your first outfit will be laid out for you.. and my employee will give you further instructions."

The room I was given looked like something out of a porno magazine. A 4 poster bed with silk sheets, a vanity fully stocked, and a collection of sex toys and whips displayed openly. The closet proved to be a bigger shock. It was totally filled with rubber. I had always harbored a slight rubber fetish, but nothing like this. As Mr. M said my first outfit was laid out. No surprise it was rubber, and how I was to get into it I had no clue. I was a bit taken back by the man who was to change me... he was the most unassuming person. He had good but not handsome features, a very slight build and mousy brown hair... all in all easy to forget, at least if you only saw him. I saw and was exposed to what he can do. The transformation was, well, I can't describe how it felt.. cause I didn't feel different till after it. What I became was from a physical and genetic stand point a female version of me, but I highly doubt I'd look how I did if SCABs tged me. I was well a sex object, with the kind of body a sex object has. I was a good 6 foot tall now.. with straight human like legs, a waist that must have been 18 inches around or less, and well my bust was.. huge! I swear I must have been pushing a E breast size, and the breasts where unnaturally uniform, I looked like I had basketballs sewn under my skin. I'd also gained shoulder length hair. My instructions where simple.. put on my new outfit and wait for Mr. M.

This proved to be very difficult. I had my center of balance all off, those melons on my chest weighed tons. To make things worse I'd never worn rubber. I first tried pulling it on over my head.. no luck.. though the neck hole was next, again not even. The outfit actually was 5 pieces, a rubber bodysuit with studs running down the front, finger less gloves that went almost to the arm pits, thigh high boots with wicked heels, and a head mask with eye, ear, and muzzle openings and studs going down the front between the ears and eyes. I did how ever eventually discover zippers on everything. These outfits where more or less designed specifically for a furry person. I got the gloves on easy.. I decided boots should be last though. The mask went on good, but was very tight. The bodysuit turned out to have a built in corset.. as if my waist wasn't tiny enough? I managed to wiggle into the thing and zip it half way, but after that I could not reach. I found a device to hook the zipper and pull it up. Any woman who wear's a corset has a lot of guts, it's hard to breath in them! My body was squashed in that dammed thing, but hell if I didn't look sexy, like a hooker yes but a sexy hooker. The boots where another nightmare, I was reduced to the same device again. How women can even stand to wear high heels is beyond me, they hurt! The thing that stared back at me when I looked in the mirror was a sex doll, a sex doll with a insane figure, dressed in restrictive black rubber, and looking very confused. Worse yet this was my first day.

I could go into detail about my life as Mr. M's sex toy, but well I did things anyone could be embarrassed about. I was taught to use a whip, not very well though.. I hurt my self more than anyone else. I learned to wear those painfully tight costumes, and walk in those heels. While I was there it was like my identity was gone, I was never called by my real name, or any other name for that matter.. I was always referred to as "Dominatrix" or "Mistress", always. I was just along for the ride, at least I tell my self that. I abused the harem girls, all the time wondering how many where really males like me? I "punished" Mr. M.. he was a masochist, and I was his personal pain toy. After a month and a half my "treatment's" had only worn off twice. That's when I hear Mr. M's "employee's" talking.

"So how long has she been here?" One asked another.

"About a month and a half." Answered the second.

"How many "treatments" has she needed?" The first asked.

"2 so far, the third should be soon.. it's been 3 weeks since the second." The second said.

"Isn't the third one.. the last one?" The first asked.

"Yes it is.." The second replied. "One more treatment and the changes are permanent. She's got one last chance, if she backs out now then she will be a guy again. Though I doubt she will, just like the others she's becoming her role. Maybe once she is trapped like that the boss will let me have some fun with her."

"Your crazy man." the first said. "The boss is keeping this one as is, I heard him say so. If you have "fun" with her she'll give you so many bruises."

That little bit of info scared me, like this for ever? Mr. M never intended for me to be let go after 3 months.. he wanted me like this for the rest of my life! I did back out that very day. Mr. M gave me 1500 bucks and a ride back to the city. But he also told me that I could return any time, if I liked. Of course I knew what that would mean.. my 3rd and final "treatment". I would be basically selling my soul to Mr. M, and be for ever trapped in the life style of a sex toy dominatrix.

But now I am once again considering selling my soul. Going back to Mr. M and becoming "Dominatrix" again, this time forever!

I know what your asking, what was I thinking? I'm was thinking maybe it was a sign, all my misfortune. That I needed to move on with my life. Ideally that would have been getting a stable job and married. But what choice did I have? Live in the streets.. again? No sir not me.. I'd rather be a dominatrix then a bum. So I went to Mr. M's again, I knew where it was.. after all I'd almost gone back at several low points in my life. When I got to the gate I was approached by two huge guys, one human and a bull SCAB, both built like the terminator.

"Mr. M will see you now.." The bull said. "He's been expecting you."

Expecting me was he? Well considering he manages to have his own harem in the 21st century United States it was not really too much of a surprise he could keep and eye on me. I had assumed he just got a new dominatrix, and forgot me. Of course at that point I had no idea his plans, the mysterious people with power are like that.

The mansion was a lot like I remembered. But it seemed Mr. M had taken a liking to felines, as the room was dominated by female feline morph SCABs. Still there was a lot of bunnies, and a noticeable number of vixens. And among them all not one arcticfox dominatrix, or any dominatrix for that matter. I swallowed, I was at a point of no return. For all I knew he might not want a dominatrix anymore.. I could end up one of these mindless sex slaves.. or worse. I was led through the "main chamber" into Mr. M's office. He looked just as he had before, and was smiling broadly.

"Welcome back... Mr. Cole." he said. "Seems you've fallen on hard times."

"How.. did you know?" I asked.

"I know many things." He said smoothly. "I've been watching you, waiting."

"You have?" I asked, a bit afraid of it all.

"Of course I have." he replied. "I knew you'd come back... now shall we discuss your future employment with me."

"Umm sure." I said.

"For food, shelter, and a home here I ask only for your complete and total conversion in my dominatrix." He said. "I have even arranged to take care of all your loose ends.. if you sign an iron clad contract ."

"You won't hurt anyone will you?" I asked.

"Of course not.. I am not a vicious person." he said. "That will be your job." he smiled after saying that.

A contract was brought out by what I assumed was his secretary. A white lapine morph.. wearing nothing but a smile. I looked at her, her eyes betrayed her mental state. Vacant blue eyes, she was surely mentally mostly lapine, barely still human enough to do much more that a highly dummied down secretary job. Would I become like her? In such a mental state as I could only be the dominatrix he wanted. I was about to sign my body, mind, and soul to this man. I griped the pen and was about to sign the contract. But I stopped my self... this was not me, it wasn't what I wanted. Mr. M's smile became a frown at that point.

"Not worth it to you?" he asked.

"I'm sorry... but I can't let this be done to me." I replied. "I was your sex toy once.. I don't want to be again."

"I'm disappointed to hear that." Mr. M said with a sigh. "I have a slight problem you see.. once I decide someone is the only one for a role.. I just can't see anyone else as that role. I was sure you'd see eye to eye with me. Your my dominatrix, no one else can be her. I might have to force you into the role."

"But then you wouldn't do that." I said, gambling my conclusions about him where right.

"And why, pray tell, do you say that?" He asked.

"Because you want me to surrender, to give up my life to you." I said. "If you force me into it then you lose your real dominatrix... You want that little spark of free will."

"Well said... and quite true." he said to me. "That will be all then.."

And he just let me go, no arguments, no silencing me, nothing. Just let me walk out the door. I of course ran as fast as I could to the bus stop (I had to sell my car you know) and trembled on the ride back. I wondered if it was truly over.. or just starting.

The next day I got a shock, I got a call from my old boss at Lancaster. The hostile take over was a wash, it never reached the final stage. Seriansoft had pulled out, I got my job back! Then I got another bizarre phone call. I'd won the federal lottery! The IRS called me and said my social-security number had been drawn 2 years ago and luckily lost in the paper work (having been legally dead 2 years ago I would have been simply skipped over). It was like some glorious dream, a wonderful string of occurrences. Later that afternoon I was called to the building package room, where all packages where dropped off. I had gotten a large package, a unmarked brown paper package. Was it more good fortune? Even the shipping and handling had been paid. So I took it back to my apartment.

The contents of the package where a shock to me. I was of all things, rubber. Rubber clothes, women's rubber clothes. Well not exactly, they were designed for a man to wear, specifically a man with fur and a tail. There was a high necked bodysuit with a built in gaff (a piece of clothing crossdressers wear to hide there manhood), corset, and silicon breast forms, double D's I think. Also a pair of high heel thigh high boots, opera length gloves, a rubber hood with open eyes and mouth, and ear openings on the top of the head, a spiked collar and a note. The note was from Mr. M! It basically said he used his "contacts" to arrange the hostile take over once he had discovered my growing misfortune. It was a ploy, he had hoped that I would be driven to take his job, to become the dominatrix for good. The lotto winnings where a sort of peace offering, and the outfit was a little gift from him. Finally there was a statement that said I still could come back. I lay the clothes on the bed and looked at them. Just a few hours ago I had almost given up everything for what these represented, the life of being a sex object. It was tempting in a way, but I had luckily had the will to not give in. I opened my closet and hung up the bodysuit (on a good sturdy wood and metal hanger) folded the boots in half and placed them on the floor of the closet. I folded up the gloves and mask and put them in a drawer, along with the collar. Maybe some day I'll wear the stuff, maybe to a Halloween party.

Now here I sit at the Blind Pig Gin Mill, writing down this strange experience. I look around and wonder, is someone here working for Mr. M? Is it worth it to be paranoid? I think no, it's not, if Mr. M has people watching me what can I do? Just live my life and hope he does not interfere again. I take a handful of kibble and eat it. The stuff is actually pretty good. So like I said life is funny how it gives and takes. Sure maybe my story is a bit different, even by the standards of hard luck SCABs experience. But at least I know there's one thing that always gives and never takes.. this bar, it isn't where everybody knows your name, but there's always a warm place with friendly people where you can take a small refuge.. at least for a little while.

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