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The Extra By James S. Cole
by James S Cole
James S Cole -- all rights reserved

"Not quite what I expected, not that I am upset mind you" I said in a neutral tone. "But I really thought they would.."

"Well your not exactly the most out going are you.." Jen points out snacking on a few bits of kibble. "If you don't stand out your not payed attention to."

"Except for Otter.." I sigh. "No one pays attention to me.."

"What about the clay dragon guy?" Jen asks.

"He doesn't really know me." I say. "He just knows that I know Otter."

"Come on seriously." the lovely silver vixen says. "You must know some one."

"I'm not sure I know Otter to well even." I sigh. "It's like my life has no conflict in it."

"Oh and what is this we are doing now?" she asks.

"In a way.. yea sorta." I say yawning. "But.."

The moment is interrupted by shouting. I turn it's a norm, he looks like a biker. Big beer belly, bandana, leather, all the biker stuff. He's not alone, there's others with him a gang.

"Well lookit her ya'll." He says in a southern accent. "Dis is weres all dem scabbies hangs out."

I already can see this is not a sympathetic guy. Also he is not that smart, a bar full of SCABS and he wants to start trouble? It's been years since an incident like this has happened. but good old Jack, he's already in the mood to show this biker his place. Course the biker seems to know just what kind of SCAB to mess with. Otter is not looking like he's enjoying being glared at and insulted. The Wanderer walks over ready to drop the guy down a few notches mentally. The big guy takes a swing, this is a very dumb idea. From how he swings, and how easily Wanderer avoids I'm sure the biker is drunk. The next thing is something I'd never think I'd see, I always thought the Lupine Boys and the entire pack thing was a formality. But right after Wanderer, there Alpha is swung at the boys rally behind him. The Bikers, now there are about twenty in the bar, rally behind the drunken good they consider leader. It might seem unfair, the bikers outnumber the Boys, but the Pig crowed is tightly knit, and soon every SCAB who's a predator and Jack are behind the Boys. When I sat everyone of the SCAB's who are predators I mean it, even me. The other SCABs take the hint, soon almost the entire bar is facing off with the Bikers. The Bikers seem to get the message that if you mess with one person at the Pig you mess with em all. The bikers back off and leave quickly. The patrons all return to what they where doing. I sit back down.

"Still feel like your not part of the "family"?" Jen asks.

"Ok ok.. " I concede. "I am part of this place, these people."

It's true I may not be someone to remember, but in my own way I am part of this place. Some times you may feel like you don't belong, like your a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. I feel like that a lot, but I realize that's not how life is, not the way I fit in. I'm like a puzzle piece, sure not every piece is really needed to finish the pitcher enough so you can see what it is, but in the end no matter how insignificant you are in someone's life the point is your there. So I won't be remembered by others in years to come, but I was part of there life, I was there. If everyone's life is like a movie then I can say I was an extra.

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