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The Suit
by James S Cole
James S Cole -- all rights reserved

When it comes to SCABS perhaps the most disturbing kind are inanimorphs. Inanimate objects which once where people, though they are not quite always inanimate, even though they should be. Stuffed animals and appliances seem to be the most common forms, but then their are the uncommon ones. Statues, Manikins, blobs of inorganic matter. Anything that could be, or if you like couldn't be. I fall into the this category, the uncommon inanimorph SCAB. I'm officially classified as the clothing subtype, we are few and far between. Some doctors say that many SCABS become forms they wish for or identify with, in a way I suppose I did. I changed into something that reflected an old desire of mine. Latex, yes latex, I had a strong fetish for the stuff and I found a girl who shared my fetish for it. When I caught the flu I thought it was run of the mill, it wasn't.

Now I know your supposed to get bed rest when you have the flu, but I wasn't. I was moping around the apartment the entire day while my girlfriend was at work. Surfing the net, watching TV, basically bumming about. About 2:35 waves of disorientation hit me, and I decided I needed to go to bed. When I reached the bed I began to reach for the covers to pull them aside so I could get in, when I went limp, totally limp. With SCABS each transformation is different, some times it's slow some times it's almost instant. With me it was instant, I fell onto the bed and suddenly lost all feeling in my body. I was face down and couldn't see, I wasn't sure what was going on. I couldn't think straight, all I knew was I couldn't move.

I spent hours trying to move, even an inch, but to no avail. I couldn't move a muscle, it was like they simply weren't their anymore. Of course now I know in fact they weren't. I'm not sure what time it was but eventually I heard my girlfriend come into our apartment.

"Honey I'm home!" she called out, I tried to call back but couldn't.

It seemed like forever until she came in the bed room. I prayed she could help me somehow!

"Ruben?" she called out. "Ruben where are you?"

I redoubled my efforts to move, but still nothing. Then I felt warmth, it felt wonderful, and then movement.

"Well look at you." my girlfriend said picking me up. "Ruben your dirty rat, you faked being sick to get me this!"

I realized at the moment I had gotten SCABS, it was the only explanation. I must have turned into a plush animal or something. I could feel her body heat as she touched me, it made me feel very good. Then I felt my body being pulled, stretched somehow.

"I'll shower then put you on." she giggled. "Won't Ruben be surprised when he comes and finds me wearing this outfit."

This confused me, I had become clothes? I became very frightened when the heat left me, then I became afraid of what I could have become. Eventually my girlfriend finished showing. What happened next... well she wore me, the experience of being clothes and someone wearing you can't be described. It was like sex, but oh a scale no human mind has experienced before. I could feel her body heat all over, and it was wonderful. Then slowly my vision came back. What I saw was a real shocker. My girlfriend dressed head to toe in latex, sure I'd seen it before but never like this. The rubber was reflective like a mirror, as if neoprene had been sprayed on it. The outfit covered everything except her eyes and hugged her curves divinely. Then I realized, the outfit was me!

"Holy Fucking Shit!" I shouted. After I did it I realized I had heard it. The expression in my girlfriend's eyes told me she did too.

"What's going on!" She cried.

I slowly moved my hand to feel myself. I realized that I could move as well. Somehow I was overriding her muscle control.

"Calm down... I think I can explain." I said, not seeing any part of the suit move when I spoke. "it's me Ruben."

"Are you dead?" she asked afraid.

"No, I think I caught SCABS." I said, course I knew I caught it. "I turned into this rubber suit. But until you put me on I couldn't move or talk."

"Oh GOD! Now I'm going to get SCABS from you!" She shouted.

"SCABS isn't a contagious disease!" I assured her. "You won't catch anything from me. Now lets get to a hospital that treats SCABS."

"I can't go out like this!" she screamed.

"But I need you! I can't move on my own!" I said.

"But I can't go out dressed head to toe in latex Ruben, even if it is really you!" she said.

"Take parts of me off and cover up then." I suggested.

"I can't, your once piece, unless I cut you into pieces." she said.

"Un-uh!!! No cutting! We don't know what that might do!!" I shouted. "It could kill me!"

After several hours of debate we agreed she'd take me off and drive to the hospital downtown where SCABS victims went. It would take some time to explain my situation.

That was my first night as a SCAB. My poor girl, she had to wear me for my examination. After that we broke up, she told me it wasn't that she no longer loved me but that it couldn't work. Having a boyfriend who is a living garment was just too strange for her. She wanted a family, children, and I couldn't give her that. In truth I couldn't blame her for it. A SCABS nurse, a anthromorphic Sphinx Cat, those totally hairless cats, volunteered to wear me until more was learned about my condition. It was from that I learned about my body's ability to adapt to fit anyone who wore me. Though I found my default form was a suit for a human female, I adapt to fit whom ever wears me perfectly. When Cleopatra, the Sphinx Cat nurse, who changed her name obviously, wore me my head (or hood) reformed to fit the shape of her feline head, I even grew a tail sleeve. The experience was very profound for both of us, Cleo told me it was like getting a hug all over the body because I became sung to her body, for me it was like being warm and full after a meal, but all the time. That effect is part of how I work, I absorb heat not unlike a reptile, the more heat I am exposed to the more active I get. When I am cold I can't move or see, but when I am warm I can. On living creatures I will become skin tight to them stretching or constricting to fit them. I can be cut but the wound heals over almost instantly, the only way I can have a hole in me is if something is placed in the wound, I heal up to the object but never heal over it, or absorb it. I can change my color to almost any color you can think of, but the change is always all over and I can't do complex patterns. Though Cleo asked if she could wear me all the time the doctors told us it was a bad idea, I changed in winter and in summer Cleo would become over heated wearing me, also it was like becoming and instant Siamese twin, I'm sure after the novelty wore off she'd have become fed up with sharing her body. The solution was surprising. A prosthetics company agreed to build me a body, and articulated mannequin that I could be worn by, with a heating system so I was always warm enough to move. Being little more than a plastic shell they decided to include storage chambers in it. I then had zippers installed so I could get to the hollow chambers, it turned out to be very convenient. Though I was able to be worn by a male mannequin it was easier and more comfortable to be worn my a female one. I've found the less I have to reshape the more comfortable I am when worn. I have storage chambers in my thighs, chest and head. In general I don't wear clothes, after all I AM clothes, though I have taken to wearing boots. When people see me they tend to keep their distance, though they don't see a SCAB, to them I am some weird woman who walks around dressed in rubber. As a result I don't go out much, I've gotten a telecommuting job with my computer firm.

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