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Wally and Jane
by James S Cole
James S Cole -- all rights reserved

Wallace Daniels, Wally to his friends, work with a grumble. He rolled over to rouse his wife Jane, only to find noting. After a moment he remembered, she'd been gone for three and a half years. No explanation, nothing taken from the house, just one morning she was not there. He had called the police but there where no signs she'd been taken, and the search for her turned up nothing. It drove Wally a bit crazy for a while, in fact worrying about her and wondering where she was had become part of Wally's every day life. His job as an accountant suffered severely, and the promotion he'd worked half a life time for passed him by. To Wally this didn't matter, Jane was gone, his beautiful Jane. Their love was a special love that was rarely found. Love at first sight, the two of them fell in love simply, by locking eyes. A long time ago when Wally was still in collage. He'd hit his favorite night spot, The Blind Pig Gin Mill, a cozy little bar nested in the heart of town, that was where they met. It had been years since he'd seen it, not that it mattered, only the loss of Jane was what mattered. Wally often wondered if she had caught SCABS and gone feral. Such a horrible condition that SCABS, people turning into all manner of strange things and having their lives ruined, most often by intolerant pin heads, not that it mattered, Wally still only cared about Jane, and that she was gone. Every thought in Wally's head always came back to Jane, and the hole she left in his heart.

Wally worked at the Jones Accounting Agency, a progressive company which kept all employees even when half of them contracted SCABS. Wally had always dreamed of becoming a department manager, but his depression effected his work so badly that he actually sank down the corporate ladder. Now only one or two small accounts ever landed on his desk, accounts that before he could do in his sleep, but now they took up to a week for him to finish. Wally's best friend was Hashan Jones, a African American who's parents had funny ideas, at least to Hashan, about names. Hashan preferred to go by Hash, and everyone called him that. Hash has contracted SCABS and been turned into a humanoid panther. Wally was never bothered by this, Hash was still Hash, just with fur. Hash constantly tried to get Wally out of his depression, his theory was that Jane had left Wally for another woman, though deep down Hash knew she never would. That day Hash had constructed a new plan to get Wally out of his depression. He found Wally siting alone at his desk, half heatedly chewing on a peanut butter sandwich, Wally was kind of thin his skin a sickly white, his hair grey from worry, his once vibrant blue eyes dull and sad now, his glasses looking as bad, and his cloths dingy colored.

"Hey Wally!" Hash said pulling up his own chair from his cubical, situated across from Wally's.

"Hello Hash.." Wally said in a weak voice.

"Wally I think you and I need to go out." Hash said.

"What for?" Wally asked.

"You need cheering up, and as your best friend it's my job to do that." Hash said with a grin.

"I'd rather not." Wally replied.

"Wally come on, for your old Collage Roommate?" Hash asked.

"We weren't collage roommates." Wally replied.

"So we weren't" Hash said grinning, his levity lost on Wally. "Still do it for me?"

"Fine Hash, since I know you won't let it go." Wally said flustered with the panther morph.

That evening Hash picked Wally up at his house. The house was in a state of disrepair, Wally always being to depressed to fix things.

"Where are we going?" Wally asked.

"I found a new place I think will cheer you up." Hash said smiling.

"I doubt it." Wally replied.

The drive took them deep into the city, down the silent streets and the noisy ones. The homeless, SCAB and Norm alike huddled together. Wally hated this, how society could let anyone live like this was beyond him. Down the streets the drove until they stopped at a dingy bar. Emblazoned in neon over it was "The Kinky Kitty", a strip club, Wally was surprised to see a sign saying "All SCABS Dancers Review". Great thought Wally, he would not only be in a strip club but a SCABS strip club. Not that Wally thought SCABS females where not beautiful, but a norm would be seen as a pervert in there. Wally didn't like to think such things, but how could he help it?

As always Wally wasn't interested in the strippers. Hash was having a good time, stuffing bills into the G-strings of various dancers. A cat morph doing a stereotypical catwoman impression, a rabbit dressed as a play boy bunny, and a cow dressed as of all things, a cowgirl. All Wally could think of was Jane. His statuesque beauty, with her chocolate brown hair, her toned body, and all the little flaws in her complexion that Wally knew as well as his own. Jane's eyes where he most stunning feature, deep blue, a shade he saw in no one else, so beautiful. Finally after the vixen dressed up as Vampire got off stage the final act was about to start. The stage lights where brought up and the announcer began his introduction.

"The Kinky Kitty is proud to present our star action!" He began. "The mistress of the meadows, the dominatrix deer, the beautiful... JANE DOE!"

This caught Wally's attention, every time the name Jane was uttered he snapped to full attention. The music began to play and fog was pumped on stage. The the curtain parted and a figure emerged. Something about her was alluring to Wally, despite having "mere human" senses Wally could swear the sweet earthy smell of the figure waft down to him. He heard the tell tail clicks of high heels, seeing long toned legs covered to the thighs in shiny black boots with stiletto heels and laces up the front. Then thighs with soft brown fur out the outside, creaming white with in, then a shiny black panty. Up and up he looked as she stalked forward, a tight leather corset, studded and with tight laces up front, a generous bust held by the attached cups. Long arms ending with 3 digits and covered from the wrists up in more shiny blackness. Held in her left hand a riding crop, patted softly against her thigh. A studded collar around her neck, and before he could see her face she turned around, showing her rump and fluffy flinty tail, a white tail doe. Wally became embarrassed, she was turning him on. However he quickly was brought back down, he was a married man, he'd never cheat on Jane! Wally looked as Hash waved her over, Wally could strangle the cat for that! His eyes facing the ground he saw her straddle him for a lap dance, Hash would die for this. Slowly he looked up to see the face of this woman.

Long chocolate brown hair with two fluttery doe ears sticking out. A sender neck and petite muzzle grinning seductively. Then Wally slowly stared into her eyes. Deep Blue eyes, full of emotions, memories, pain. A shade of blue he'd seen but once before. He watched the seductive grin slowly fade, and the eyes grow wild and fearful. The riding crop clattered to the floor, and her hand rushed to cover her muzzle. Hash looked on confused, what was wrong. The doe suddenly jumped off Wally's lap, stumbling on her high heels as if she never walked in them before. She scrambled back on her hands, tears suddenly welling up in her eyes. She grabbed the stage and hefted herself up. Wally motion less till then stood up. She climbed onto the stage, using the pole set out for the girls to use in daces to stand. Letting out a cry of "NO!" she ran, rushing back stage as the music cut off. Wally sprung into action, the sudden movement startling Hash as Wally ran, scrambled and pushed aside any thing to move ahead, climbing on stage and running to back stage.

Back stage Wally saw her running, her ran after her. Two men tried to stop him but Wally energized by adrenalin pushed them down and resumed his pursuit. The cries of the girls meant nothing to Wally, he know only one thing. That doe, that dancer going by Jane Doe, she was his Jane! Her eyes and her reaction where dead giveaways, and Wally was not letting her escape. He saw her rush into her dressing room, her got to the door before she could close and bolt it. She moved away from the door as Wally entered. She moved back, falling on her bed, for the room was set up as if someone lived there. Tucking her legs under herself and cover her head with her hands. She shivered with fear, this confused Wally, in a rational state he might have understood, but this woman, his wife, had never feared him ever!

"Jane.." he panted, the sudden exertion now catching up with him.

"NO! Don't hurt me please!" She pleaded, her voice the same, but afraid.

"Why... would I..." Wally gasped. "Hurt you."

"Because of what I am!" She whimpered.

"A.. Stripper?" Wally asked confused and gasping.

"NO! A SCAB!" She cried out.

"You thought I would hurt you for being a SCAB?" Wally asked shocked.

"Yes, that's why I left!" She said crying. "I knew your hate me for being a SCAB!"

Wally was nearly floored by this! She left so abruptly because she though her being a SCAB would effect his feelings for her! It made no sense at all to Wally. His wife left him because she contracted SCABS and feared he would hate her. Ending up it seemed as a stripper in a SCABS strip club.

"That's insane!" Wally nearly screamed. "Why the hell gave you that idea!"

"You said you hated SCABS!" She screamed back.

"The disease not the people affected by it!" Wally said flabbergasted. "How could you think I'd ever hate you, or hurt you Jane!? Don't you think I'm better than that?"

"I..Wally I.." Jane stammered. "I'm so sorry!"

"My god Jane... You can trust me with your life, I thought I proved that!" Wally said.

Just as Jane was about to reply the door flew open and a burly looking whitetail deer morph buck burst in. Wally looked back only to receive a fist to the face.

"Get away from her!" The deer screamed kicking Wally several times in the ribs. The Buck's superior strength overcoming Wally fast. The buck began to then punch Wally's back, the man curling up defensively.

"Leave my doe alone!" The buck screamed as her beat the human.

"BUCK STOP!" Jane screamed. "You'll kill him!"

"I'll teach you to hurt MY DOE!" Buck cried and kept beating Wally.

"BUCK NO!" Jane cried, off the bed in a flash. Buck looked up to see the doe's fist headed for his face. He reeled and held his face.

"Leave my husband ALONE!" Jane sad punching him in the gut. "I'M NOT YOUR DOE!" She cried and kicked him swiftly in the crotch. Buck fell down hard, holding himself in pain.

"I'm his.." Jane said softly as she cuddled her battered husband. "Wally forgive me.."

"You know.." Wally gasped. "I could... never... stay upset... with you."

Then Wally passed out.

Wallace Daniels woke up feeling groggy and sore. He slid his hand over and caressed the furry thigh of his wife Jane Daniels. Jane stirred and rolled over to face her husband, smiling as she did. Straining a bit Wally leaded over and pecked his doe of a wife on her black nose. Nine months had passed since the incident at the strip bar, his injuries had been mostly superficial and healed fast. His eating better having sped up the process almost as much as his depression finally ending with his wife's return, even his hair seemed to be regaining it's color. Wally's soreness this morning was due to something else. The night of passionate love making he and Jane shared. Her excuse was doubled pronged, one she said was to increase Wally's stamina, the other was to make up for the three and a half years she'd missed with him. Wally and Jane had a love that's hard to find, one that endured the three longest years either had faced and a mistake many marriages would have been destroyed by. Jane was still and dancer, but no longer a stripper, now she danced Ballet as a hobby, her slender frame perfect for the style of dance. She only had one of her dominatrix stripper costumes left, that was kept for.. special occasions. Wally had climbed back up the corporate ladder, back to his old job already.

"Last night was kina excessive hon." Wally said.

"I know love." Jane replied. "But we need to get it in while we can."

"What's that mean?" Wally asked.

"We can only have healthy sex a bit longer love." Jane said.

"Why?" Wally asked his doeish bride.

Jane took Wally's hand and placed it on her furry tummy.

"Them." Jane said with a giggle. "Daddy."

And with that Wallace Daniels, Wally to his friends, smiled broadly, and despite his soreness.. made love to beautiful wife Jane.

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