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Cat on a Hot Titanium Bike
by Rodford Edmiston
Rodford Edmiston -- all rights reserved


My name is Amanda Freer, but my boyfriend (well, one of them) calls me Miss Kitty. Y'see, I was standing in line to take my driver's license test, and not feeling too good. I knew I was coming down with something before I left the house, but I wanted to take the test and get it over with, so I decided to tough it out. As I stood there, I began to realize that maybe I shouldn't have been in such a hurry. That was right before the floor came up and hit me.

No, I didn't faint; my legs changed shape. I was lying there, trying to figure out what I had changed into, and all these people were standing around, just starin'. Then they started to run. Well, that really reassured me. I rolled over onto my side and thought about tryin' to stand up, but was still feeling pretty woozy, so I decided to just wait. It took the paramedics a long time to get there, and they had trouble gettin' in the building, cause some idiot ordered it to be evacuated. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, I was all better after a couple of days in the hospital, except for looking like one of my Uncle's drawings. Oh, my Uncle (Great-Uncle, actually); he's Rod Smith. Some 'o' you may have heard of him. He's why I wasn't too worried about turning into a scab. He's been one for years, though most people don't know. Most people who don't know me don't know I'm a scab, either, unless they suspect cause of my eyes. I soon learned I could change myself. I can go from completely cougar to completely human, or anything in between. Except that my eyes have slit pupils when I'm human. Which is weird, 'cause cougars don't. So I wear sunglasses a lot.

I've always been athletic, and I especially like sports that let you move. I love to run, or bike. My times are still about the same in human form, but a lot better when I change. I can even ride a normal bike if I don't change too much. Only, my best performance is when I'm about halfway, and I can't ride a bike then. At least, not a normal bike. I was complainin' to my Uncle about this, and he told me about the Four-B Bicycle Shop, which makes custom bikes for scabs and the handicapped. He even offered to pay for the bike. So I contacted them, and made an appointment to be measured and tell them exactly what I wanted.

So there I was, talkin' with one of the assistants. We went over some examples of what they had done for others like me, and I described exactly what I wanted. He wrote it all down, then told me they needed to get measurements and do some tests on the form I wanted the bike for. I went into the restroom and changed into my riding outfit, then changed into my midform. I figured that wouldn't make too much of an impression, given all the other scabs they deal with, but the guy seemed rather distracted. He even asked if I wanted one of the female assistants to do the measuring. I just shrugged, and he called for someone named Sue.

After she finished with the tape measure I had to climb on board a modified exercise bike. She told me that there was no way of predicting just how strong a morph's legs were, so they always tested them before designing the drivetrain. Made sense to me, but I guess that comes from having an Uncle who's an engineer. So I got on there and started peddlin'. I think I impressed her, 'cause she said they'd have to use titanium almost everywhere, that it was the only way to get enough strength for the weight. She also gave a little laugh and said something about putting me to work for "Zoo'm'in Beings". I'd heard my Uncle Rod mention this place, so I asked her about it. From what she said it sounded interesting.

I start college next semester, and I've been offered athletic scholarships by several schools. One of them is pretty near where Zoo'm'in Beings is. Yeah it would mean movin' away from home, livin' in a strange place and bein' around people who were (at least at first) strangers. But I like meeting people, and seeing new places. And if they needed someone fast for bicycle deliveries...

I asked Sue to take me around back and introduce me.

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