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What Happened????
by Bill Hart
Bill Hart -- all rights reserved

"I don't know what happened." I told the doctor after he woke me.

"C'mon, Larana. You were there. You must know what happened."

"Damn it. I've already told you everything I know. You don't want me to make something up? Do you? That sure wouldn't help your plans."

"No, it wouldn't. Lets take it from the top once again. Don't leave anything out!"

"Jesus, if you just listen ..."

"Tell me." he commanded.

"Alright. I had just entered the Blind Pig, which was a mighty busy place that night. I was a little early to start my shift - figured it'd look good to the boss.

"Edwina was waiting on some guys, Wanderer and the Lupine Boys I think they're called. When she saw me, her eyes nearly popped right out of her sockets. I've never gotten quite that reaction from a girl before, which confirms our intelligence report that she's a lesbian. But then, you know I like girls, which is probably why you gave me this assignment.

"Anyway, she's walking through the crowded bar, when this drunken horse-morph stumbles towards her. You know they really shouldn't let horse-morphs you can't hold their oats drink. I seize the opportunity. As she jumped back, she didn't realize I was there and knocked me to the floor. As she fell, her hand stroked my breast. It felt really good.

"As we're sitting on the floor, she starts changing. Bigger boobs. Red hair. Satyr legs and hooves. If I didn't know I was me, then I'd have sworn she was me. It was an awesome sight. I'd never seen anybody morph like that before."

"Edwina must be a contact morph. That wasn't in the report." said the doctor, as he smiled at me.

I wonder why he keeps smiling at some of the things I say. They're not funny. Its almost as if he knows something I don't. But I won't say anything, after all he's the boss.

Instead, I ask "What's a contact morph?"

Another smile as he replies "That's a shapeshifter that changes form to match whoever or whatever touches her. Edwina touched you and became your identical twin. Very interesting, but continue."

"I'm sitting on the floor, staring at 'myself' and thinking how many girls get a chance to take themselves to bed, when she starts to groan in pain. I heard Donnie ask if she was okay, but didn't hear her answer. Then she passed out. Cold. Right there on the floor.

"Somebody called an ambulance, and they took her to the hospital. The paramedics said she didn't look too good. A little later, Donnie took a call from the hospital. They said Edwina was critical, they didn't expect her to pull through."

"So. Is she alive or dead?"

"I don't know. Before they got any more news, Donnie told me that I'd better get checked out by a doctor, just in case. So I left, and came here, just as my waitress persona was told to do in case of emergency."

"You did well, Larana. But we're going to have to find out whether she's dead or alive. If she's dead, I'm going have big problems."

Once again the doctor smiles at me. Its getting to be unnerving.

Suddenly he says, "It must be a reaction between the leftover residue of the formula and her contact morph powers, probably appearing as a mutant strain of SCABS virus to any doctor examining her. Easily corrected."

"What are you talking about? I'm ..."

"Sleep, Larana."


"Wake up, Larana."

"I'm sorry, doctor. I must have fallen asleep. It's been such a long night, and I've been so worried about Edwina, one of the girls I work with."

"Quite alright, Larana. I understand perfectly. I ran a couple of tests and you're just fine. You have no sign of any disease. In fact, you should be able to go back to work. If any of them have any questions, just have them call me."

"I will, and thank you."

As I leave his office, I see the doctor smiling at me.

I smile back.

He's such a good doctor. But then, I've been coming to him since I was a little girl, and he probably knows more about me than I do.

When, I arrive at the Blind Pig, I'm a little nervous and a whole lot afraid. What if Edwina's dead?

As I open the door, I can see a lot of the bar patrons standing in a line around this little man and some strange device.

And Edwina's in the line...

She's alright. Thank God.

She sees me, and I smile back at her. I want to tell her I've glad she's back and okay and I'm happy to see her.

But its her turn to do whatever they're doing with that strange looking box. The little man asks her something, which she answers. As I watch she puts her hand on the pad of the device, and the little man opens a panel and pushes the button underneath.

Edwina vanishes in a flash of light.

And all hell breaks loose in the bar.

The little man, obviously quite mad (possibly insane), is grabbed and lifted off his feet.

"Where's Edwina?" someone asks.

Suddenly, there's another flash of light. Turning around, I expected to see Edwina, but it wasn't her. It was a ten-foot ... naw, it couldn't be ... but it was ... a ten-foot penis. But, not exactly. And then I remembered when I seen it before. It was sniffing up Dale Ardor's crotch in the movie "Flesh Gordon."

It was a Penisaurus. What the hell was it doing here?

And then I heard the murmurings from the other patrons. That was Edwina. That little madman had turned Edwina into a Penisaurus.

I could only hope it wasn't permanent.

Why or why, hadn't he turned her into the monster. Now that might have been fun.

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