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by Oren the Otter
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I sat on the front stoop of my burrow, overlooking the lake. It was beautiful today. It was home. The only home I had. I'd lost my apartment several months back, and now this mound of dirt beside the water was everything in the world I owned.

And now I was losing that, too.

Some rich slug bought the land I was sitting on and had ordered me off. I'd worked so hard to make a home for myself, and now it was slipping through my paws.

I looked down at myself. I was supposed to be an otter, but what good did it do me? If I were a real otter, I thought to myself, he wouldn't be able to do this to me.

I'm not, though. I'm human inside, and as such, I'm subject human laws. Human laws that tell you where you can't go and how hard you must work and who you can talk to and how big to build your house.

Is no good being human, but my powers don't help much. I can become otter. I can become human. I can become part other mustelid when I need, but still can't be real otter.

I sad. Everything seems so bad. Maybe I swim. Forget troubles. Water good. Water fun! Swim swim swim. Fish! chase chase... catch fish! Happy! Fish yummy. Wut wut wut...

Home Introduction Author Chronological

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