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TBP/MK Dreams
by Oren the Otter
Oren the Otter -- all rights reserved

Oren lay down on a beach towel by the edge of Blueknight's swimming pool. He wasn't aware that he had gone to sleep, but he must have. There was no other way to explain what happened next. A tall otter-morph in a blue vest and a red cape came up and stood next to him. Oren looked up and said "I know you."

"You do?" asked the larger of the otters.

"You're Oren of Hipocc, from the "Metamor Keep" comic book."

"I have no idea what a comic book is, but I am Oren of Hipocc from Metamor Keep."

"Ppprrrr... fascinating."

"I'm afraid you have the advantage of me."

The smaller otter smiled. "You won't believe this, but I'm you."


"My name is Oren, also. You were designed after me."

The larger of the two Orens didn't argue. Rather, he looked about and said "Where is this place?"

"Blueknight's house. I'm staying here because I got kicked out of my burrow."

The otter in the vest looked appalled. "That's horrible! By whom?"

"Some rich landlord by the name of Renstom. He wants to build a resort over my den."

"Are you just going to let him?"

"What can I do?"

"It's your home, Oren! You must go back and fight for it!"

The smaller otter smiled, having already read of the situation his counterpart was facing. "You need to follow your own advice."

"I do?"

"The burrow is my home. Hipocc is yours."

"You're right." said the tall one. "Hipocc needs me." He turned to go, but the little Oren stopped him.

"There's no rush." he said. "One or both of us is dreaming, so you might as well relax here for a while."

Big Oren looked at the pool. "That water does look very inviting."

Little Oren smiled. "Last one in is a rotten SCAB!"

"Hey! Let me get my clothes off first!"

The two otters splashed about it the water, until at last, big Oren decided he had tarried long enough.

Oren watched his other self depart, then lay back down. A moment later, he was sitting up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. That had been an unusual sort of dream, he thought.

Then he chanced to look over and see a blue vest lying on the pavement. "No way that's possible." he said aloud. "It must be Blueknight's." Still, it gave him a funny idea. He went to his computer and began typing up a comic book script...

Oren of Hipocc awoke in a cheerful mood and proceeded immediately to get dressed. For the life of him, though, he couldn't find his vest.

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