Starling's page of collected wierdness

Here you will find stuff I found or learned, and felt a need to post for myself

Carlos goes to the Circus
    --This one's got a great punchline!

Breath of Fire 1/2
    --My sister is trying her hand in fanfiction, and is currently adding more details to the first part of her story.  Tell me what you think and I will tell her.

Lyrics to The Most Annoying Songs IN THE WORLD!
    --This is rather erm... self explanatory.  :)

    -- A round robin story exchange gone horribly wrong...

Mastermind of Hogwarts
    -- Some speculation on the great questions left unanswered in book 4 of Harry Potter's school experience. WARNING BIG SPOILERS! Dragon-sama and I wrote this story as the tag-team author duo of DOOM!

Snape Gets Harry!
    -- After catching him redhanded, Snape proceeds to chew out the one and only Harry Potter. No, really. That's it.

Harry's Last Day at Hogwarts
    -- Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall spend a moment in quiet reflection as Harry Potter proceeds to leave the school. Sequel to "Snape gets Harry!"

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