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Welcome to my home page. I write stories.

--Mostly animal transformation. I like quadrupeds.^.^

--From poking fun to insanity. From programming to philosophy. You have been warned...

--Stuff I didn't make

--Just some songs I uploaded once, testily

--Blog on. :p Generated and formatted with my own perl script.
--Sadly as's CGI is broken, you'll have to use my computer (if my cheap router hasn't conked out >.<) so um... good luck there. Be kind to my bandwidth.

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From the Vast File of Semi Useless One Liners

"A REAL Goth would've said something like: Raaar! Let's go STOMP Rome to the ground! Sack and Loot! Loot and pillage! Arr haarr harrr!" -- Laz da cheetah

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