The Metamor Glossary:

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Aedra -- Elven term for one or more celestials. Pronounced "AAY-druh."

Aether -- a parallel plane of reality, overlapping with the Material Plane, which is the source and final destination of all mana.

Ainador -- also known as Yehuda or the Holy Land, this is a semiarid nation on the southern coast of Galendor between Marilyth and the Desert of Dreaming. It is distinctive because its entire surface is a mana-dead zone; no magic can function there at all. (There are, however, mana streams about a hundred feet down in the bedrock, so those who tunnel deep underground will find that they can use magic there, though its effects will not extend to the surface.) Ainador is the ancestral home of the Yehudim, also known as the Ibraimath or the children of Ibraim; today it is home to a mix of peoples. Its capital, Yesulam, is home to the Patriarch of the Ecclesia.

Androgyne -- a scholarly term for a person affected by the gendermorph variant of the Curse of Metamor. Pronounced "ANN-droh-JYNE." Also called a hermaphromorph, though the latter is a broader term. Slang terms that have the same meaning include teegee and trannie.

Angel -- (1.) A true spiritual being of great power that has never had a physical body of either matter (like humans) or energy (like some outsiders). (2.) In WorldNet slang, an individual who displays exceptional control over the virtual world and often involves him- or herself in the affairs of others, presumably in the service of a powerful third party. (3.) In Majestic Industries' internal terminology, a member of the top-secret Project Tanaatha (see article for details).

Angel-eyes -- an asimaar. So named for the unusual eye coloration that is often a trait of these beings.

AR -- a pedomorph

Arc -- short for arcane. Used principally by young people to denote something that is fascinating and strange; real-world equivalents might include wild, far-out, or trippy.

Arcane -- of or pertaining to non-divine magic, which depends on the use of mana

Asimaar -- a person, usually of human descent, with some celestial blood. Pronounced "AY-sim-arr."

Av -- an avatar

Avatar -- (1.) A former mortal who has been invested with supernatural powers and immortality by another being, usually Kyia but occasionally one of the other Immortals. (2.) A deity's bodily form.


Beemer -- an agent of the BMR (Bureau of Magic Regulation)

Between -- vampire term for their current un-life, the existence between the end of mortal life and their passage into the afterlife. "Malcolm is ancient, even for a vamp -- he's been in Between for about five hundred years."

Big Momma -- Majestrix Kyia. Can be used either affectionately or sardonically.

The Bitch -- Majestrix Kyia. Needless to say, this is pejorative.

Blaster -- a weapon that fires plasma charges instead of bullets; relatively rare and expensive, and used only in situations when bullets would be ineffective or would cause unacceptable collateral damage.

Blaze -- to depart quickly. Used especially by and about swoop-users: "Three beemers comin' in, boss. We'd better blaze."

Blood, bloodie -- a magic user whose spells are natural gifts, who thus needs no spellbooks; a sorcerer.

Bookie, bookworm -- a magic user who is dependent on spellbooks to cast spells, a wizard.

Boost -- to steal

Brain-banger -- a person who psionically feeds on the emotions of others; a psychic vampire

Breed -- a half-human, half-lutin. Short for "half-breed."

Burnout -- loss of magical or psi abilities


Celestial -- an outsider who is descended from the fallen gods of the Nine Heavens; one of the Aedra. Also used, on occasion, to refer to one of the nine gods themselves.

Cert -- short for "certain" or "certainly." Used primarily by young people to denote agreement, or willingness to comply with something that has just been said. Real-world equivalents might include "Totally" or "You bet."

Children of the Nine -- term used by the Meraist Church to describe the gods and daedra lords. In this context, "the Nine" refers to the Elders, immensely powerful beings no longer directly involved with events on Earth.

Church of St. Merai -- also known as the Meraist Church, this is the second-largest denomination of the Way. Its followers are known as Meraists.

Citadel -- the mile-high living fortress that is the physical body of Kyia, the Spirit of Metamor. This structure was formerly known as Metamor Keep, but it has since expanded itself greatly to meet the needs of its people and to reflect the aesthetic sensibilities of the modern age. The structure is still bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, and more than a million people live and work within its walls.

Creator, The -- the theoretical First Cause responsible for bringing the universe into existence. Different religions disagree on whether the Creator is still extant or destroyed itself as a self-aware entity in order to create the universe (see Religion). The Creator is identified as Iluvatar by Elves and Lothanasi of Galendor, the Great Maker by the people of the Southlands, and Eli by the Patildor faiths.

Cryo -- a cryokinetic


Daedra -- another name for one or more fiends, originally coined by the Elves but in common use among all races. Pronounced "DAY-druh."

Dog -- a Talent who is still magically restrained ("on the leash"). Contrast with hound and wolf.

Dominant form -- the "default" body form assumed by a person affected by the Curse of Metamor: the fullmorph form in theriomorphs, the opposite of the born sex in androgynes, or a 3- to 4-year-old form for pedomorphs.

Doper -- a mage or psi who uses (illegal) drugs to enhance his abilities

Dreamlands -- a physical plane of reality that exists alongside the Prima Materia. It is infinite in size and its terrain can be shaped by sentient minds, especially by the dreams of mortals. It is believed, but not conclusively proven, that the native inhabitants of the Dreamlands were all born from mortal imaginations at some time in the distant past. The Dreamlands are currently the main theater of battle for the Great War.

Dust -- (v.) to kill or destroy. More strictly, to make something undead re-dead. "I swear, I thought we were flamed -- and then the Libs showed up and dusted those overbites. I can't say I ain't grateful." So called because vampires turn to dust when they are disposed of properly.


Ecclesia -- the largest denomination of the Way. Its members are known as Ecclesiasts.

Eli -- the god of the Way, as well as the patron deity of the ethnic group known as the Ibraimath or Yehudim. The Patildor -- the Followers of the Way -- consider Eli to be synonymous with Iluvatar and the Creator. Members of other religious traditions believe that He is either a sentient fragment of the Creator who survived the creation of the universe, or just the most powerful being known to have taken an interest in Earth.

Espaku -- the largest and most powerful nation of Irombi, a technologically advanced civilization that has dominated its corner of the world since at least the sixth century. Also referred to as Spake by the people of Whales, Espaku's historical rivals for control of the Central Sea. Its terrain varies from arid in the north to tropical rain forest and mountains in the south, and it is home to the largest oil reserves outside the Desert of Dreaming. The people of Espaku are called Espaki or Spakeans.

Esper -- a person with the psionic discipline of extra-sensory perception. The magical equivalent is called a seer.

Extant -- still in existence; not extinct. In vampire terminology, extant means that a vampire is still in Between life and final death; while not "alive", per se, the vampire is still in the material world.


Faery -- a native of the Dreamlands, generally one that is more or less humanoid in appearance. Faeries are a whole class of creatures ranging from tiny pixies and gnomes up to the radiant, powerful race known as the Sidhe, and the latter are as different from the former as humans are from mice.

Fan Shoar -- the northeast continent of MK Earth. Fan Shoar once had a native sentient species, called "demons" or oni by the inhabitants of eastern Galendor, but this race was driven to extinction centuries ago. It is now inhabited by humans of a variety of origins; the oldest inhabitants are red-skinned and descended from nomadic, tribal cultures, but these have largely mixed with colonists from Yamato, Rukilia and Irombi. Fan Shoar is a patchwork of different cultures and has been the chief battleground for many of history's most brutal wars, including the Second World War (1885-1893).

Fang Club -- a street gang of vampires

Fangface -- a vampire

Fence -- a person specializing in the resale of stolen goods, acting as a middleman between the thief and those who might wish to buy the item in question. Fences often operate pawn shops as a front for their activities.

Fiend -- an outsider who is descended from the daedra lords of the Nine Hells. Also used, on occasion, to refer to one of the nine daedra lords themselves.

Flamed -- in deep trouble. "If the Imps find out we boosted that spellware, we are gonna be seriously flamed." Coined by swoop-riders, for whom sudden loss of engine power at altitude ("flame-out") is very deep trouble indeed.

Fleabag -- a theriomorph

Fog out -- (v.) to escape a confrontation by turning into mist and fleeing the scene. Used of vampires.

Follower -- abbreviated term for "Follower of the Way." Also known as Patildor in many parts of Galendor.

Freeborn -- a person whose natural powers are psionic rather than magical, and thus unregulated; a psi. Coined by psis as an alternative to spooky, but usually only used by those with a strong anti-mundane bias; more laid-back psis are often comfortable with the other label.

The Fringe -- the sector of Imperial culture and the economy encompassing professions that are ethically "gray" or legally questionable. Runners, fences, sex workers, recreational drug manufacturers and distributors, gambling concerns, Street gangs, and organized crime syndicates are all considered part of the Fringe sector.

Fringer -- a person who works in the Fringe sector.

Fullmorph -- the body form in a theriomorph that exactly mimics the form of the animal that was the template of the Curse

Furball -- a theriomorph


Galendor -- the northwestern continent of the MK Earth. Galendor is the native land of the Elves, Dragons, and lutins, but humanity has been the most numerous sentient species on the continent for several thousand years. Most of the geographic features commonly seen in MK and MK2K stories are located on Galendor. Its name means "green land" in Elvish, so called because it is the most fertile of the five continents.

Gendermorph -- a less technical name for a hermaphromorph.

Gents -- (pl. n.) reagents for use in spellcasting.

Greenie -- a lutin.

Ground-pounder -- a person who lives on The Street; a member of the lower class.


Half-Elf -- a descendant of Elves and humans who has at least 50% Elven ancestry. Those who are the direct offspring of an Elf and a human are usually called "first generation" half-Elves; those who are descended from the long line of true-breeding half-Elves native to Galendor are called Silvaan.

Hell-baby -- a tiefling.

Herm -- a hermaphromorph.

Hermaphromorph -- technical term for a person or being that can change sexes at will. Used primarily to speak of those who have been affected by the gendermorph variant of the Curse (compare androgyne), but also applies to most fiends and celestials, and to mages who accomplish the same thing through spells or enchantments. Pronounced "her-MAA-Fro-morf."

Hopper -- a person with teleportation, psychoportation, or gating powers, either magical or psionic

Hot -- having a strong magical residue on it, as from the casting of a spell. If a person is killed through the use of magic, the body will usually be "hot" for a while afterward, as will any objects that were exposed to the brunt of the spell.

Hot Swapper -- a person, especially a gendermorph, who can shapeshift between forms very quickly and does so frequently

Hound -- A mage who works for the Bureau of Magic Regulation (BMR) by helping to hunt down rogue mages. Contrast with dog and wolf.


Ibraimath -- (pl. n.) the Lothanasi term for the descendants of Ibraim, a nomadic priest-king who lived in Ainador ca. -5000 CR. The people of this ethnic group refer to themselves as the Yehudim (singular form Yehudi).

Iceman -- a cryokinetic

Immortal -- generic term for any powerful sentient being who is not capable of dying by natural causes; this may be an avatar, a member of the fallen pantheon, a vampire lord, or any of various other creatures. While all vampires, celestials and fiends are "immortal" in the technical sense, this term is generally reserved for the small number of very powerful beings whose actions shape the overall course and flow of history. The term is usually capitalized when used in this sense.

Imp, Impie -- a member of any Imperial agency; "the Imps" are analogous to "the Feds" in American slang.

Inkie -- an incubus

Irombi -- the southeastern continent of MK Earth. Believed to be the cradle of human civilization, this land is a mixture of deserts, jungle and savannah. The only native sentient species is humanity, and humans of this land tend to be darker-skinned than anywhere else on the planet (though some inhabitants of Rukilia come close). Many nations of Irombi are highly technologically advanced, and the nation of Espaku (Spake) has been a major naval power in the Central Sea since the medieval era. The continent served as one of the major battlegrounds of the First World War (1832-1838).


Juice -- (1.) any alchemical potion. (2.) blood; used principally by vampires, and often with an adjective that denotes the type of blood: e.g., "vegetable juice" is lutin blood (so called because of their green skin), while "happy juice" is blood laced with illegal stimulants.


Khumar -- a cluster of islands off the coast of southeastern Galendor. A distant ally of Metamor during the medieval era, it has been occupied by Rukilia since the end of the last world war.

Kitchlande -- the smaller and westernmost of the two Southlands continents. The steppes of southern Kitchlande are the first known home of the fair-skinned humans that now inhabit western Galendor. The best-known geographic feature of Kitchlande is the Boreaux Swamp, an enormous region of marshland at the northern tip of the continent. Kitchlande is flanked on the east by Sonngefilde.

Kyia -- the Spirit of Metamor, an energy being of immense power who has inhabited Metamor Keep (now called the Citadel) since the dawn of time. Often described as a nymph, she is actually a unique being that is unrelated to the beings that inhabit trees and other natural features. Since 1000 C.R. she has served as the Majestrix of Metamor, its sovereign and head of state.


Leash -- a magic-restraining band

Lib, Libby -- Lightbringer

Lightbringer -- one of the Lothanasi, a major religious movement of the medieval era that has since evolved into a kind of supernatural police force.

Lothanasi -- see Lightbringer.

Lute, Loot, Lutie -- Lutin

Lutin -- a short, tough, hardy humanoid with pointed ears, sharp teeth, and green skin. Lutins are native to the Giantdowns in northern Galendor, where they coexisted with the now-extinct giants. Lutins are known for their resourcefulness and ability to survive almost anywhere, particularly on the lower rungs of society.


Mad, Mad John -- street name for MD-109, a drug that substantially enhances psionic powers and causes a rush of euphoria when such powers are used. Its drawback is that it is a potent but relatively slow-acting neurotoxin, and must be neutralized by an antitoxin (called Peace) or it will eventually kill the user.

Maeril -- official name for one or more merfolk. Pronounced "MAY-er-ill."

Mage -- a person who possesses magery; a spellcaster

Magery -- the innate ability to cast instantaneous magic spells, as opposed to performing ritual magic

Majestrix -- the official title of Kyia, the leader of the Empire of Metamor. Considered the Empire's sovereign and head of state, Kyia holds the supreme executive power within the Imperial government, though much of this power is permanently delegated to the Avatars and viceroys of the Metamor's provinces. Because Kyia is immortal and has no children, she is the only Majestrix the Empire has ever had -- or, presumably, ever will have.

Mana -- the third substance of the physical universe, along with matter and energy. Mana, matter and energy are all closely related and can be converted from one to the other. All mana on the Material Plane comes from the Aether and eventually returns there.

Manology -- the study of magic theory

Material Plane -- the physical, observable plane of reality inhabited by mortals; a less formal name for the Prima Materia. Technically there are numerous material planes, including the nine heavens, nine hells, and Dreamlands, but unless otherwise specified the term usually refers to the Prima Materia.

Mentat -- a relatively safe, expensive psi-drug that does not enhance psionic power but does significantly increase the user's skill in using the powers he has. It also improves abstract thought processes of all types, so it is valuable to scientists and wizards as well as psis. Pronounced "MEN-tot."

Meraist Church -- the less formal name for the Church of St. Merai, the second-largest denomination of the Way.

Metamor -- (1.) The Metamor Empire, the political entity that encompasses roughly the western third of the continent of Galendor. (2.) The Metamor Valley, a narrow valley about thirty miles long and between 1 and 5 miles wide depending on where you are along its length. It divides the Dragon Mountains from the Great Barrier Range. (3.) Metamor City, the capital of the Empire and the metropolis that occupies nearly the entire Valley. (4.) The Citadel.

Mind-rape, mind-fuck -- intense violation of a person's mind or emotions by a telepath or psychic vampire

Morph -- (n.) A person capable of changing form. Usually refers to a theriomorph, and is combined with another word that describes the individual's animal-form; e.g., wolf-morph. (v.) To change between forms.

Mud, muddy, mundy -- abbreviation of mundane.

Mundane -- (1.) A person with no supernatural powers. (2.) To psis, a mundane is anyone without psionic abilities, including mages and the supernatural creatures that live among humans.


Napsack -- a small, magically shielded container used for transporting nanopixies (see below) without risk of accidental release or contamination of the "product". Generally includes a spelljack port to allow for programming the NPs and a special syringe for dispensing them.

Negative energy -- another name for death-aspected mana. So called because exposure to it in large quantities usually leads to death and decay, and because it is used in reanimating the undead.

NPs, nips -- abbreviation for "nanopixies", the whimsical name given to the microbe-sized creatures that sometimes transmit magical diseases. Nanopixies are also used in biotech to effect alterations to a person's body at the cellular level, since they are often more precise than a macro-scale spell and the changes can be more carefully fine-tuned (e.g., "eliminate all cancer cells" or "make the following alterations to the genetic sequence in hepatic cells only").


Ooby -- out of body experience (OOBE), as in astral projection

Ooby Dooby -- any of several psychotropic drugs that facilitate astral projection

Outsider -- a supernatural being from one of the "outer planes" -- the heavens and hells of the pantheon. Also used to describe creatures descended from the inhabitants of these planes, but which were born elsewhere. (Individuals with some outsider blood who are otherwise mortal are called Plane-touched.)

Overbite -- a vampire


Pack -- a gang of rogue mages ("wolves")

Pantheon -- the assembly of nine aedra (the "gods") and nine daedra lords who ruled over mortal-kind until the Great Fall. Also sometimes used to refer solely to the nine gods, who were the only members who could be legitimately worshiped according to Lightbringer doctrine; or more broadly, to refer to all celestials and fiends combined.

Parlor -- a business establishment where Sensualists sell their services.

Patildor -- (n., sing. or pl.) one or more Followers of the Way, the group of monotheistic religions that identify Eli as the Creator and Yeshua as His Son. (adj.) Of or pertaining to this group of religions.

Patriarch -- the leader of the Ecclesia.

Peace -- an antitoxin that counters the effects of Mad.

Pedomorph -- technical term for a person affected by the age-regression variant of the Curse of Metamor. Pronounced "PEE-doh-morf." Also known as ARs, the age-regressed, or squirts.

Peeper -- a person who uses spells or psi powers for espionage or voyeurism

PK -- psychokinesis

Plane-touched -- an individual with a mixture of mortal and outsider blood. Common types of plane-touched include asimaars and tieflings.

Precog -- (1.) the ability to see things before they happen; precognition. (2.) a person with this ability, either magical or psionic

Prima Materia -- technical term for the physical, observable plane of reality inhabited by mortals; also called the Material Plane.

Proxy spell -- a spell invoked by a mortal who draws the energy to cast it from another being, usually Majestrix Kyia or one of the Pantheon

Psi -- (1.) psionic powers, or the use thereof. (2.) a person who has psionic powers. (3.) of or pertaining to such powers or the use thereof.

Psiberware -- cybernetic enhancements designed to boost psionic powers

Psionics -- supernatural powers that stem purely from the force of mind and will, rather than from the harnessing of divine or arcane energies. This ability is unique to humans and those other races with human ancestors, such as Silvaan, Plane-touched or Breed. Unlike other types of supernatural powers, psionics operate perfectly well in areas with no mana.

Psi-tech -- any sort of psi hardware

Psychokinesis -- a psionic discipline that gives the psi control over matter and energy. Also called PK.

Pyro -- a pyrokinetic (a person capable of creating and manipulating fire and heat, whether by magical or psionic means)


The Q -- nickname for Quenardya

Quenardya -- the kingdom of the Elves, located in central and eastern Galendor. In modern times its territory includes the Sylvan Mountains, Aelfwood, some parts of the Eastern Regions, and the Oriental Coastlands.

Quendi -- Elvish term for one or more Elves; literally, it means "those who speak".


Rain -- an alchemical drug, distributed as a clear, colorless liquid. A potent narcotic, it causes a surge of euphoria and intensified sensation (the Storm) followed by a period of jittery, nervous withdrawal (the drought). Extremely addictive, and dangerous to quit using once hooked, Rain appeared less than ten years ago and was immediately banned throughout the civilized world. It is one of the most profitable illegal drugs being dealt on the Street; only Spellfire does comparable business.

Re-dead -- (adj.) refers to an undead creature that has been permanently destroyed.

Retro -- (1.) any use of augury or psychometry (the magical and psionic methods, respectively, of determining past events associated with a place or object). (2.) a person who uses this ability

Ritual magic -- slow, careful, "cookbook"-style magic performed according to a series of pre-written steps. Most ritual magic can be performed by any sentient being, even one who lacks magery, but the chance of a magical backfire is much less for wizards than for other people.

Rukilia -- the largest nation of southeastern Galendor. It has an ancient civilization characterized by a caste system that is ruled by the nagas, beings with human-like upper bodies and serpent-like lower bodies. Its human inhabitants tend to be darker-skinned than most other natives of Galendor. Its terrain is largely tropical rain forest, though there are drier regions ... and slash-and-burn farming has created many square kilometers of open plains where forests once grew.

Runner -- a freelance rogue who does courier work, espionage, burglary, computer cracking, etc., but not generally wetworks, for underworld bosses and other various factions. Runners are considered part of the Fringe sector.


Seer -- a person with magical talents of divination (seeing the future), augury (seeing the past), and/or scrying (seeing things that are far away). The psionic equivalent is called an esper. A female seer is called a seeress.

Sensualist -- a licensed sex worker, distinguished from a common prostitute in that Sensualists receive frequent health examinations, training in a variety of healing arts, and the protection of the Sensualist Guild. Being a Sensualist is legal, and even respectable in some circles of society; being an unlicensed prostitute is not.

Shifting stress -- the mental and physical fatigue that results from spending time in a form beyond the normal limits of the Curse

Shine -- (n.) money, especially payment for services rendered. "We'd better see some shine from you by Thursday or our sparkies are gonna hafta fry that spell-tech of yours."

Sidhe -- (1.) the most powerful race of faery, native to the Dreamlands but sometimes seen on the Prima Materia. (2.) One or more members of this race. Sidhe (pronounced "shee") resemble tall, exceptionally beautiful Elves with purple or green eyes that have vertical pupils, like a cat's. Some have wings and some do not.

Silvaan -- (1.) a true-breeding humanoid race descended from the Elf-human hybrids of Quenardya and the Outer Midlands. (2.) One or more members of this race. Genetically, all Silvaan are half-Elves, but those who identify themselves as Silvaan have a distinct culture and sociology that is separate from both Elves and humans.

Skimmer -- a personal hovercraft, larger than a swoop and modeled after the style of an automobile

Skywalker -- a person who lives in the upper levels of the city; a member of the wealthy elite

Skyway -- one of the numerous aerial walkways and roads -- some magically levitating or feather-weighted, some just structurally supported -- that connect the upper levels of the city

Smoggy -- a vehicle, usually a car, powered by an internal combustion engine. These are generally prohibited within Metamor City limits, and better alternatives exist in all developed nations, but they still see use in some smaller communities and undeveloped countries.

Snack -- derisive term for a mundane or other reasonably helpless individual. Used primarily by vampires, weres, and other predator-types.

Softy -- lutin term for a human

Sola -- abbreviation for South Of LAndon (Street); a district in Metamor City

Sonngefilde -- the larger of the two Southlands continents, flanked on the west by Kitchlande. The only sentient race native to the continent is humanity; humans here vary from pale to olive-skinned, generally growing darker in complexion as one moves nearer to the equator. Though Sonngefilde's name means "Sun-land" in the language of Sondeshara (its largest and most powerful nation), the continent has a broad variety of terrains and climates, from the desert of Sondeshara to the tropical jungles of Manzona or the mild, fertile plains of Stuthgansk.

Sorcerer -- a mage whose magical abilities are spontaneous, instinctive, and discovered by trial and error rather than a structured approach to magical theory; also called a blood or bloody. It is believed that this trait is not native to the human species, and that only those with Elves, dragons, faeries or other supernatural beings in their ancestry can manifest this type of magical talent.

Southlands -- collective term for Kitchlande and Sonngefilde, which have shared many common points of culture throughout their history.

Spake -- another name for Espaku, historically used by the people of Whales because its sound was more in keeping with their native tongue.

Sparky -- an electrokinetic (a person who manipulates electricity and electronic equipment through magical or psionic means)

Spellfire -- a black-market drug that enhances magical abilities, allowing the user to cast higher-level or more powerful spells than he normally could; drawbacks include an increased chance of wild magic surges (leading to spell backfire or unintended side effects) and a long-term loss of control of magical abilities.

Spelljack -- a technomagical user interface for the WorldNet or another computer network

Spell-tech -- any technomagical equipment or device

Spellware -- software designed for a technomagical device or interface

Spooky -- a psi. Originally coined by mages, who find it unsettling that psis can use their powers without using spellbooks, words, gestures or reagents; now in more common use, especially on the Street.

Squirt -- a pedomorph; that is, an age-regressed person affected by the Curse of Metamor

The Street -- The ground level of Metamor City, home to heavy industry, warehouses, the lower class, and the down-and-outs of society.

Street Rat -- a person who lives (or makes a living) on the Street; a ground-pounder

Suckie -- a succubus

Swoop -- a small, very fast one- or two-person hovercraft modeled after the style of a motorcycle

Swoopie -- a member of a swoop gang


Talent -- anyone with inherent magic abilities

Teegee -- an androgyne; a person affected by the gendermorph variant of the Curse of Metamor.

Teep -- telepath

Teke or teek -- telekinesis, or a psi who has this power

"Teek the Freak" -- used by the Psi Collective to denote an operation to take down an enemy psi, either a turncoat or a powerful psi that is endangering the Collective by killing non-psis.

Theriomorph -- technical term for a person capable of changing into the form of an animal, or with a body form that is part humanoid and part animal in appearance. Most often refers to a person affected by the animal variant of the Curse of Metamor, but can also be used to refer to were-creatures of various kinds. Pronounced "THEER-REE-oh- morf." Slang terms that have the same meaning include fleabag and furball; also compare to morph.

Tiefling -- a person, usually of human descent, with some daedra blood

Trannie -- an androgyne; a person affected by the gendermorph variant of the Curse of Metamor.


Unbound -- refers to a vampire with no extant master. Such vampires are compelled to obey no master save for Talia alone.

Undead -- a formerly-living being that is animated by magical forces. May be incorporeal, like a ghost, or corporeal, like a vampire or zombie. Most undead are animated by death-aspected mana, also informally known as negative energy.

Unleash -- to (illegally) remove someone's magical restraints


Vamposer -- a person who idolizes vampires and imitates their dress, mannerisms and culture

Vamp out -- to manifest one's nature as a vampire, usually while trying to bite someone

Vanilla -- another word for a mundane

Viceroy -- the chief executive of one of the Empire's semi-autonomous "protectorate" provinces, which joined the Empire by treaty rather than by the collapse of their own governments. There are currently only three such individuals: Dvalin, the Prince of Silvassa; Oblineth, Chief Administrator of Arabarb; and Samekkh, High Lord of Pyralis.

Vortex -- a highly addictive, dangerous and illegal drug that greatly enhances psionic powers at the cost of a loss of control.


Way, the -- the monotheistic religion that identifies Eli as the Creator and Yeshua as His Son. Its two largest denominations are the Ecclesia and the Church of St. Merai. Followers of the Way are referred to as Patildor in many parts of Galendor; elsewhere they are generally just called Followers.

Wetworks -- any covert operation in which the mission objective is the death of one or more targets

Whales -- an island kingdom off the northwest coast of Kitchlande, home to a proud and fiercely independent people with a long tradition of seafaring.

Wizard -- a mage who depends on the use of spellbooks and a logical, structured, semi-scientific approach to magic; also called a bookworm.

Wolf -- a Talent who has illegally had his restraints removed ("been unleashed"); a rogue mage. Sometimes called a Street-wolf to distinguish from wolf-morphs. Contrast with dog and hound.

WorldNet -- The worldwide computer network, first developed by Majestic Industries with the backing of Metamor and several other large nations. Its most distinguishing feature is its capacity for carrying shared virtual reality (VR) environments that provide full sensory immersion, thanks to a creative blending of magic and technology.



Yamato -- an island chain off of northeast Galendor. Its culture, climate and inhabitants can be roughly characterized as "Japanese," though it is about twice the size of the Japanese islands of RL-Earth.

Yehuda -- the traditional name for Ainador that is used by its native people, the Yehudim.

Yehudi -- (n.) one of the descendants of Ibraim, the native people of Ainador. The plural form of this word is Yehudim. (adj.) Of or pertaining to the Yehudim.

Yehudim -- plural form of Yehudi.

Yeshua -- the first-century religious Yehudi reformer who was executed by the Suielman Empire in ca. 30 CR and reportedly rose from the dead three days later. His followers founded the Way.

Yesulam -- the capital of Ainador and the Holy See of the Ecclesia.