This page contains the list of all changes ever inflicted upon this site, in chronological order. It used to be in reverse chronological order, but that's when I had this list on the opening page, and I wanted the audience to see the latest changes first. That isn't a consideration now.

  16 Mar 2001 -- Showtime, opening night. This site first released upon an unsuspecting world. Contains A Good Run of Luck, Sowing the Wind..., Second Heat., and the opening bits of Wholesale Alterations.
  17 Mar 2001 -- Various bits of minor editing. Also added Take My Rights -- Please!, an LTF-derived essay.
  19 Mar 2001 -- Added A Long Day's Afternoon, the first story I posted to the TSA list. Also some minor editing.
  23 Mar 2001 -- Moved LTF guidelines out from the "stories" page to a new page of its own. Also fixed the signature graphic.
  7 Apr 2001 -- The big-ass List Transformed update: First off, I redesigned the whole site. All the LTF stuff is now a 'pocket universe' unto itself, you should pardon the expression; sadly, anybody without a frames-capable browser is now out of luck. On the plus side, I've got the latest update to Wholesale Alterations, also the LTF stories of Joshua Badgley (Be Careful What You Dream Of, Waking Up), Charles Bonanno (Pre-Flight), BossHoss (Star Warhorse), James S. Cole (Sasha Is Born), CCQ Dobhran (Up the River), Nanomage (Just Passing Through), Posti (Nag-ging Headache), Wanderer (Dreamer's Waking), and Wicrae (The Same New Thing).
  9 Apr 2001 -- Added a new Jubatus story, Speedy Trials.
  10 Apr 2001 -- More LTF! Steven Bergom (If Life Could Only Be a Catnap), Mike Brotzman (It's Going to Be One of These Days All Week), Husky Raznaspoeknik (The Next Big Thing), Britini Rios (A Third Person in First), and Thomas Woulfe (In Wolf's Clothing).
  12 Apr 2001 -- Because he asked so nicely, Michael Bard -- the Toronto Centaur himself -- gets a whole LTF update all to himself. Check out Diary of a Centaur in a Human's World, and the post-Diary interludes Mr. Bard was kind enough to provide.
  13 Apr 2001 -- Yes, it's Friday the 13th, and it's time for another LTF update. For your reading pleasure, I've got Bill "Greyflank" Keiffer's Jockeying for Position, and Otrstf's Dan Catches Cold From Stream of Consciousness Writing, hands-down winner of the coveted Longest Title for an LTF Story award. And at this point, the only LTF stories not available here -- ignoring those that I can't (through lack of permission) or won't (through lack on canonicity) upload to the server -- are those of BlueNight himself!
  17 Apr 2001 -- A bit of an unusual addition to the Miscellaneous section: What in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, a song parody. In the LTF wing, Steven Bergom's If Life Could Only Be a Catnap is now complete; we've got the latest update to Thomas Woulfe's In Wolf's Clothing; and enthusiastic newcomer Lewis 'Red' Greene has given us A Long Day's Night and Rescue and Reflection, the first two installments in the story arc he calls The Aurora Will Have to Do.
  18 Apr 2001 -- The latest addition to my LTF tale, Wholesale Alterations.
  25 Apr 2001 -- Another LTF newbie heard from: This Could Be A Problem, a decidedly different wish-fulfillment fantasy by Morgan Heacock. Also some Wholesale Alterations alterations -- if Michael Bard reviews or comments on your work, listen to what he has to say, damn it! He's good...
  2 May 2001 -- A new Blind Pig tale! Building the Perfect Beast, the opening salvo in my Life in the Fast Lane story arc. The band is cooking with gas, and we're going places... On the LTF front, CCQ Dobhran has released another installment of Up the River. I don't think I'll be spoiling anything if I confirm that he did not, in fact, die last time around? One last thing: Frameless browsers are no longer persona non grata 'round these parts.
  4 May 2001 -- Another Blind Pig story, the latest tale of Jubatus, called No Quick Fix. Also the latest update to Morgan Heacock's LTF story, This Could Be A Problem.
  6 May 2001 -- My LTF story, Wholesale Alterations, gets updated again. I'm also done some behind-the-scenes type cleanup at various points around the site.
  20 May 2001 -- A bit of site maintenance; I've fixed the TRANSFORM/CUBIST/LTF links in the upper left corner so that people on inferior computers can see all three of 'em. As far as stories go, it's LTF all the way: Michael Bard with The Day Everything Changed (a bit ironic, that title, no?), and newcomer Daniel Hazelton makes his LTF debut with One Sheet to the Wind.
  25 May 2001 -- More LTF; and for those of you who wonder how come LTF updates seem to outnumber Quentin Long updates, just keep in mind that there's only one of me, and 20-odd LTF authors. Another LTF newbie, Craig West from Down Under, provides us with his Flipside essay; Daniel Hazelton continues One Sheet to the Wind; and James S. Cole gives us Sasha is Born: Part 2. Maybe someday he'll let us in on the conversation he deemed "the most important of [his] life" at the end of Part 1, eh?
  2 Jun 2001 -- The LTF universe certainly has been active recently, hasn't it? This time around I've put together a Who's What in LTF page, which (as the name implies) is as complete a listing as I can manage of exactly what sort of body each of us Changelings is now living in. I've included e-mail links for the active members, and a few entries for lurkers. With respect to stories, say "hello" to LTF newbie CodyPony (I'm OK, Just a Little Horse, That's All)! On the update front, we've got Daniel (One Sheet to the Wind) Hazelton, BossHoss (Star Warhorse), Wicrae (The Same New Thing), and me, Quentin (Wholesale Alterations) Long.
  8 Jul 2001 -- LTF: The next update to my story, Wholesale Alterations. Ask for it by name. Other stuff: SurviFur! This is Sly Squirrel's crazy little writing exercise that me and a few other members of the TSA-Talk list are having fun with. I am not working alone; my partner-in-crime is Michael Bard. Here's the first shipment of our SurviFur tales: The Commercial, The Doom that Came to Redmond, A Night on the Town, Second Tribal Council, and Evil Eats Everything.
  23 Jul 2001 -- SurviFur: Say hello to the first part of Around the 'Sphere in Seven Biomes, the story in which Harlem suffers its first casualty! Me and Bard are working up to a literal soul-wrenching climax in the finale... The LTF universe, too, has been active. Who's What page updated; also new stuff from James Cole (Sasha is Born: Part 3), CodyPony (I'm OK, Just a Little Horse, That's All), Daniel Hazleton (One Sheet to the Wind), Thomas "Woulfe" Willets (In Wolf's Clothing), and Morgan Heacock (This Could Be A Problem).
  7 Aug 2001 -- Lots of action on the LTF front. New stuff: There's been some angst and existential dread in LTF stories, but promising newcomer-to-the-universe BanWynn Oakshadow takes it to the logical extreme in Listmember Lost! B.L. Smith (another LTF newbie, but only because he took this long to finish the manuscript) serves up the hot 'n' spicy story of the Batwinged Bimbo! I finally caught up to Kevin M. Kelly and got his permission to post Extended Downtime! Mike Brotzman tells us what he did on his Summer Vacation! In addition, I've got updates from CodyPony (I'm OK, Just a Little Horse, That's All), Thomas Willets (In Wolf's Clothing) and me (Wholesale Alterations).
  9 Aug 2001 -- Special SurviFur update: Around the 'Sphere in Seven Biomes is complete! Which is good, because now, neither I nor Michael Bard ever have to touch it again. For your reading pleasure, I've chosen to present Marvin the Paranoid Tripod: Extended Remix, the initial draft of Mal's encounter with the defective warmachine. I gutted it like a trout after Bard informed me of its effect on him, and now you can feel the burn, too! Also some cosmetic alterations, both to the site in general and to BanWynn Oakshadow's Listmember Lost.
  13 Aug 2001 -- Good times for LTF-lovers. We got Beginnings -- BlueNight's first LTF story, the one which started the whole thing rolling! And Michael Bard gives us A Single Moment in the life of the Toronto Centaur.
  19 Aug 2001 -- Wow! A Blind Pig story featuring Jubatus, that wasn't written by me! Say hello to Hallan "Actions and Reactions" Mirayas, and may this be the first of many Jubatus guest-appearances! And as usual, we got us some LTF. The busy Michael Bard took some Meetings, and in addition to that, I've updated the Who's What in LTF page.
  21 Aug 2001 -- O frabjous day -- another Blind Pig story featuring Jubatus that I didn't write! Granted, Michael Bard only gave the cheetah an uncredited cameo appearance in Something to Live For, but I'll take what I can get! In other news, I've begun splitting up overly-long stories into bite-sized chunks, mostly under 50K in length. Mine: Sowing the Wind..., Speedy Trials. SurviFur (i.e. me and Bard): A Night on the Town, Evil Eats Everything, Around the 'Sphere in Seven Biomes. LTF (various authors): Diary of a Centaur in a Human's World, If Life Could Only Be a Catnap, It's Going to Be One of These Days All Week, I'm OK, Just a Little Horse, That's All.
  23 Aug 2001 -- The subdividing is done. Continuing the list from where I left off last time, in the LTF wing: Wholesale Alterations, Up the River, Jockeying for Position, The Next Big Thing, Nag-ging Headache, and In Wolf's Clothing. I have not removed the full-sized manuscripts; I may do so in future, however, since that would shrink the total size of the site by a few megabytes...
  25 Aug 2001 -- Not a whole lot of new stuff; just the latest update to Wholesale Alterations. Good, decent, normal folk can get the most recent chunk of the story here, and you broadband elitists can exploit your unearned luxury by getting the whole thing here. In the SurviFur wing of the site, I've added the overall "umbrella title" Bard and I came up with for the entire story arc -- Predators at Play -- and I've also done some minor cleanup editing.
  11 Sep 2001 -- We have LTF updates! To CodyPony's I'm OK, Just a Little Horse, That's All (whole thing, or latest chunk); Michael Brotzman's Summer Vacation (whole thing, or latest chunk); and James Cole's Sasha is Born. We also have Bill Keiffer's Unreal World (whole thing, or first chunk). In other news, we've got the initial installment of the TBP story One Small Step..., by me and Michael Bard.
  1 Oct 2001 -- I could have chosen a better day to update the site last time, eh? I sure hope this update isn't a re-run... The latest additions to the LTF wing are the final chapters of Michael Bard's Diary of a Centaur in a Human's World (start here, or go straight to the latest chunk) and Michael Brotzman's Summer Vacation (whole thing, or latest chunk). In other news, Sly "evil mastermind behind SurviFur" Squirrel has begun a Blind Pig story in which Jubatus not only is mentioned by name, but also has a speaking part! It's called Man in the Mirror, and the whole thing is here, while the subdivided version starts here.
  17 Oct 2001 -- TBP update: Sly Squirrel's Man in the Mirror (whole thing, or smaller bits) is complete, and so is the immediate sequel, It's Time That I Realize.... In other news, Sly has changed his TBP character's name to Jim Hart, seeing as how Sly actually wrestled against one Nick Hart a couple years back...
  15 Nov 2001 -- While I've been busy with TSAT of late, LTF has trundled right along! CodyPony has added two installments onto I'm Okay, Just a Little Horse, That's All (whole thing, or latest chunk); Steven Bergom has written With Friends Like These, a very pleasant vignette in his LTF-self's ongoing saga; and BLSmith's latest additions to Batwinged Bimbo (whole thing, or latest chunk) have at long last earned that story the coveted slice-and-dice treatment so many others have already gotten. Also, finally decided to move the complete list of site updates to a page of its own, and a bit of site cleanup.
  5 Dec 2001 -- Amazingly enough, TSAT's debut failed to keep other LTF authors from writing. Charles Bonanno (who may not know that real radio scripts indicate which line is spoken by which character) dredged Unfair Advantage up from the depths of his twisted subconscious; we also have Wayne Sheeler's Plague, an unmistakably personal LTF tale. Also updated the Who's What page, to accomodate recent additions to the ranks of Changelings.
  5 Feb 2002 -- Welcome back, my friends, to the show that hasn't ended (despite what you may have heard or believed)! The big news this time around is LTF story The Turning of the Wheel (whole thing, or in chunks), which is my way of dealing with the horror of 11 Sep 2001. Also added Canadian lurker Charles Culy to the Who's What page; Culy wouldn't mind it one bit if someone wanted to give him a part in an LTF story.
  17 Feb 2002 -- I've done some needed cleanup work on internal site links. In addition, I've got Throwing Down the Gauntlet, Hallan Mirayas' second tale of his lionmorph charater in the TBP setting; my boy, Jubatus, has a significant supporting role in this one...
  8 Apr 2002 -- LTF lives! Dan Hazleton has written a bit more of One Sheet to the Wind; long-time TSA List-member Starling introduces herself to the LTF universe, in her persona as Tasci Synx, in Beyond Help. And I've reworked the Who's What in LTF page, which was becoming a mite unwieldy...
  20 Jun 2002 -- One Small Step, the TBP magnum opus by me and Michael Bard -- who now has the credit he deserves! Three new chapters. Read them individually, or as one long chunk.
  17 Sep 2002 -- Jubatus sure is getting a lot of time in the spotlight these days, isn't he? First: Fast Break, a mid-length TBP story by me and Hallan Mirayas, which reveals a side of Jubatus you probably never expected to see... As usual, you can read it in small chunks, or go for the whole thing. Second: Death by Calculus (Hallan Miryas and Michael Bard)! Sue Carter may be the most intelligent thing on Earth, but as young Hallan discovers, she's not the best of teachers... Third: The latest additions to One Small Step, the TBP mega-opus by me and Bard (chapters 5 or 6, or the whole enchilada)! Jube finally has The Dream of spaceflight within his grasp -- too bad Reality keeps on trying to get in the way.
  24 Nov 2002 -- I've recently written some stuff I got paid for: Commissioned stories. The One That Got Away is a bittersweet love story; Down and Away From Pig Broke is a cautionary tale about greed; both were commissioned by, and appear here by permission of, a gentleman named Phil Velasquez.
  19 Dec 2002 -- I've added a new wing to the old site: Friends' stories (menu here, table of contents here)! Apart from that, Jubatus has recently seen more action, particularly in a set of stories that were created for -- and are currently hosted at -- TSAT. Those stories that are hosted offsite will appear in a new window. Acquiring Targets (Michael Bard): The flip side of Hallan Mirayas' Death By Calculus. Christmas Resolutions (Wanderer -- offsite): A pleasant family meeting for the Holidays. Christmas Rush (me -- offsite): What does a paranoid perfectionist do for Christmas? Schroedinger's Dryad (Bard -- offsite): Yet another remake of an old Yuletide favorite...
  25 Dec 2002 -- Merry Christmas/Haunakkah/Solstice/Kwanzaa/whatever year's-end holiday you prefer! This update includes only one item, but it's a big one -- about 15,000 words -- and it's Chapter 7 of One Small Step (whole thing, or latest chunk)! That's right, the cute little short story me and Michael Bard originally started to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Blind Pig setting... whose word count, more than a year later, is 55,000 and counting. When we underestimate a story, we do it in style!
  11 Feb 2003 -- Remember LTF? Well, it turns out not to be dead after all, just resting. I never had any doubts on that score, myself, but some other folks are going to be mighty surprised, what with the next installments of 2 (two) LTF stories! Daniel Hazelton has provided an update to One Sheet to the Wind, and I've written the next chunk of Wholesale Alterations (whole thing, or latest chunk)! I've also given all my faithful fans the means to show their support in a concrete (monetary) fashion, if they so desire. Whether you prefer to pay me for a one-shot commission, or set up a continuing subscription payment, or just plain give me cash, you're covered; that's what the 'hire me' link on the opening page, and on the Stories page, is for.
  26 Mar 2003 -- Again, I've got some LTF! This time around, the main course is the latest additions to BossHoss' Star Warhorse, which ought to grow large enough to be worth splitting with its next installment. As well, I've conducted a long-overdue updating of the Who's What page. Enjoy!
  20 Jun 2003 -- You all remember the Super Friends episode in which the evil Skrull Empire attacked Earth, right? No? Well, I just happen to have glommed onto a copy of the script of Challenge of the Superfriends: Plush Cthulhu Arises, and I've webified the first part of it. In other news, I have a nasty little gutpunch of a Blind Pig story -- just over 520 words that will hit you where you live -- Maeror Tacitus, one of Wanderer's sadly infrequent sallies into literary art.
  6 Jul 2003 -- Only one item has been added, but it's a doozy: The latest installment -- Chapter 8 -- of One Small Step, the TBP novel by Michael Bard and Quentin 'Cubist' Long. Going into space is one of Jubatus' lifelong dreams; how far is he willing to go to make that dream come true? One Small Step (whole thing, or Chapter 8).
  7 Aug 2003 -- This just in: Chapter 9 of One Small Step, the TBP novel by Michael Bard and Quentin 'Cubist' Long. Jubatus may have changed his mind about going up into orbit with Sue Carter, but can he overcome the fears which threaten to ground him anyway? As per usual, you can read the whole thing, or just the latest chapter.
  28 Nov 2003 -- This time around, it's a TBP update. Hallan Miryas has touched up his first two stories, Actions & Reactions and Throwing Down the Gauntlet; if you're like me, you'll agree that the changes are all improvements. As well, I've posted my personal vision of the Blind Pig's layout -- and I'd like to post other people's layouts, too, as soon as they write them...
  17 Dec 2003 -- Last time, I posted my personal vision of the Blind Pig's layout, with the specific intent of starting a collection. Thanks to Boss Hoss, the collection has just doubled in size! Check out Hoss's version of the Blind Pig. Anyone else have their own visualization of the place, which they'd care to share?
  13 Jan 2004 -- First update of the new year! The latest thrilling installment of One Small Step (whole thing, or Chapter A), the TBP novel by me and Michael Bard. Jubatus thinks he's figured out how to make Sue Carter come around to a sensible way of thinking; meanwhile, Carter thinks she's figured out how to do the same for him! Who's right, who's wrong, and who's going to win the resulting battle of wit and will?
  1 May 2004 -- Hey, kids! Another LTF story -- Reconciliations, by Xepher! One of the more common complaints about the LTF setting is that it doesn't allow just anybody to transform; while this charge is true enough, what of it? There's plenty of other 'anyone can play' settings for those who enjoy them. Still, some people even go so far as to claim that it just isn't possible for a non-transformed person to write an LTF story. Xepher proves these people flatly wrong! Read, learn, and enjoy...
  10 Aug 2004 -- The latest addition to the site: So You Want to be a Rock-and-Roll Star, a new TBP story from yours truly! We get a look inside the heads of the Strikebreakers, not to mention some hints of the darker parts of their lives... This one doesn't stand by itself, as it's the second installment in a story arc I conceived lo, these many moons ago, about an all-SCAB musical group -- the Strikebreakers -- going on a nationwide tour. The whole thing has the 'umbrella title' Life in the Fast Lane, and if you haven't already read the first installment of this arc, Building the Perfect Beast, you would be well advised to do so before going on to Rock Star.
   24 Sep 2007 -- Listmember Lost has been pulled from the LTF archive by its author, Bannwynn Oakshadow, to maintain First North American publishing rights.