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Warhammer 40,000 (insert scads and scads of copyrights and trademarks and assertions that I claim nothing regarding the game) is an interesting beast.  I started playing it in the late 1980s and have continued on and off since then.

After I moved to Toronto I was lucky enough to run into the group that manages the long running Agrippa Sector Campaign in 2001.  I managed to convince them to let me join (the fools!) and brought my Eldar into their lives.

As the Agrippa Campaign encourages roleplaying and stories, I have written various snippets that I'm archiving here.


The Haras ag Iadonna Craftworld (2001) (17k) An "Index Xenos" article giving all the details about the Eldar I play - the Haras ag Iadonna Craftworld
Blood Moon Base (Sept 2001) (10k) The Imperial report on the Agrippa Sector's first combat with the Haras ag Iadonna.  Not a good day for the Imperials...
The Bloodstone's Gift (Oct 2006) (174k) This is the big one that describes the origin of the high Autarch for my craftworld.  It resolves the "Dreams of Life" plot, and occurs during "We Won't Kill today", "Redemption Primus" and "Cleansing of the Spirit".  Note that the events in "Redemption Primus" were modified slightly.
Clarity (Dec 2003) (20k) A Harlequin Troupe goes on a mission to deal with Slanesh.  If you knew that if you went into battle you'd die, would you?
Cleansing of the Spirit (Jan 2004) (5k) A Farseer of the Haras ag Iadonna needs to relax after negotiating with Chaos.  Yes, it was an unholy alliance that occurred in the campaign, but there were reasons.
Covering the Retreat (April 2002) (7k) A Haras ag Iadonna Phoenix has a good day.
Dreams of Life (Jan 2004) (4k) High Farseer Shakarandras has been killed, but has had his spirit stone implanted into a Wraithlord.  Is he still sane?
Frontier War: First Contact (Dec 2006) (13k) The first conflict in a sub-campaign in Agrippa.  Sadly, so many players dropped out in the midst that it had to be aborted...  Consider this an alternate history story.
Killing the Tyrant (April 2002) (11k) The crew of a Haras ag Iadonna Scorpion must fulfill their mission.
Redemption Primus (Feb 2004) (19k) Farseer Milanus plots to save his world.
We Won't Kill Today (March 2004)  (22k) The Haras ag Iadonna High Admiral finds out what it really means to fight the Imperial Navy.

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