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Winds of Change is a universe created by on Jon Sleeper long ago.  Its premise is that three universes, one being populated by anthropormorphic animals, one by superheroes, and one by humans, merged.  The resulting universe had humans with varying degrees of animal traits, and many of whom also have super powers.  Note the best of premises (which is why I tossed it under Fantasy) but one that a lot of people have had fun with.

The other important difference between this world and our own (as though it needed more) is that in this world, WW2 ended with the release of a plague that killed a large percentage of the population.  As a cure was found in a rainforest, conservation is much more important in this reality, and so is technology.  Thus the technological level of this world is slightly greater than our own.

A complete archive of Winds of Change stories can be found HERE.  There are also more detailed background notes, and rules in case you want to write in this universe.   Note that I've only archived my stories set in this universe on this page.


Pool Pique (Aug 2001) (12k) Shortly after Change Day, a new Equine morph is trying to swim lengths but has a splitting headache.  What's going on?  A bit of Winds of Change insanity.
Rosebud (Sep 2003) (14k) Hanson is finally ready to graduate but he has one last test run to do to prove his thesis -- telekinese himself into orbit.
The Shoes make the Horse (June 2007) (14k) After Change Day, things slowly go back to normal.  Though, some things have yet to get up to speed.
Fighting the Change (August 2007)` Appearing in the Aug/Sept 2007 issue of the online ezine Anthro.
Dark Heavens (April 2003) (21k)

Near the end of the 21st century, human science has studied sufficient powers to figure out how to travel FTL (faster than light).  This is humanities first trip into what they find, and into the great beyond.

Note: Jon Sleeper, the creator of the universe, has stated that this story is "Not Canon".  Or, in other words, it's not a part of the Winds of Change universe.  So, don't take it as gospel.


Main Winds of Change Story Archive To read other Winds of Change stories, click on the link.

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