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Here are links to various useful web pages, rings of which the web page is a member, and mailing lists that I am a member of and find useful.  If you have a link or ring or mailing list that you think should be here, then please e-mail me at and tell me all about it.  Same thing if you find one of the links no longer works.

An important note: All the links elsewhere on the site are not here.  For example, I've restricted the links related specifically to writing to the Writing School section.  These are just links to fiction and other interesting things.


Aquatic Transformation Stories
Kathmandu's Page of Visual Delights A number of interesting stories including a number of aquatic TFs. And some other stuff.
Mermaid's Tail Galleries Lots of pictures and photomorphs, many of which have attached fiction.
Seatails Odyssey Another site that is primarily a collection of photomorphs and images, but there are some stories buried on it.  Sadly, a number of them aren't finished.
Centaur and Horse Transformation Stories
Aatheus' Centaur WWWBoard A bulletin board of centaur related matters.  Lots of discussion including fursuits and stories.  Usually in short multi-part snippets.
Attic of the Centaurs Not many stories, but more interesting for the discussion papers about centaurs at the bottom.
HalfHorse A long and involved story about a human who becomes, wait for it, half horse.  Note that this is not a typical centaur but (simplified) a human torso on a horse's rear legs (with tail and ears).  It starts out well, and gets even better as you go on.
Second Centaury Centaur Links A site primarily of links to other centaur sites, but there is a section of fiction.  Some good, some bad.
'Taurtails! A small number of 'taur (mostly centaur and variants with extra limbs) stories by various authors.
Tales of Equine Transformations A number of transformation stories involving horses, unicorns, donkeys, and centaurs.
Shared Universe Archives
LTF Archive A complete archive of all the "List Transformed" stories maintained by Cubist (aka Quentin Long)
Metamor Keep A large archive of linked TF stories.   A VERY large archive.  Be warned.
Winds of Change Archive An archive of pretty much all the fiction written in the Winds of Change universe, both by it's creator Jon Sleeper, and by others.
The "Official" Xanadu Archive The main archive of the Xanadu universe at it's new home.
Transformation Story Collections
Anthrozine An ezine of anthropomorphic fiction edited by Cubist as a partial replacement for TSAT.  I have had a number of stories in it.
Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories An immense pointer to hundreds and hundreds of stories.  Some are transformation related, some are just "furry" related.  Sadly it's not being updated anymore, but it's still a useful site.
Raven's Lair Various stories by various people along with other useful stuff, including numerous of mine.    Also the home of the notorious "Thousand Words" contests.
RUCT/RUET Contest Page The Home Page for the RUCT (Rarely Used Creature Transformation) contest (long over) and the RUET (Rarely Used Environment Transformation) that I'm helping run.
Shifti Wiki The old site went down a year ago, but a new site is up.  It's been designed by both Brian Derksen and ShadowWolf, and is intended as a replacement for the Transformation Story Archive.
The Transformation Story Archive This is the big one with lots and lots and lots (etc.) transformation stories of various kinds by various authors.  Some of the stories here are also posted elsewhere, particularly in Mia's Index.
The TSA Sampler Various stories selected by individual artists on the TSA mailing list as to their personal favourite.  Some day I'll finally be able to decide on one to post.
TSAT Ezine The online ezine that I once co-edited.  Lots of interesting stuff there, and lots of interesting editorials about writing.  Sadly, due to lack of submissions, the ezine was finally ended.
Personal Story Sites
The Buck's Domain The story page of Jon Sleeper.  Not updated often anymore as he doesn't write much anymore, as much as the rest of us would wish otherwise, but still filled with great fiction.
Cubist's Stories Archives The home site of my TSAT co-editor and frequent collaborated Quentin Long, known online as Cubist.  Some interesting stories along with a complete LTF archive and a fair selection of TBP stories.
Derksen Industries One of the long term writers in the transformation genre.  Lots of fun stories to read!
Lance's Transformation Story Page A number of stories by Lance (who else).
The Matthias Zone Another personal collection of stories of various kinds.  All are very good and highly recommended.
Phaedrus' Small Collection of Stuff Has an immense index of all transformations that have occurred just about anywhere.  Also includes a number of stories by various authors.
The Beat Goes On - the homepage of Sly Rabbit Formerly known as Sly Squirrel, this page is full of wonder fiction and is regularly and frequently updated.
Starling's Stories 'n Stuff An eclectic personality with some interesting fiction.
Thunderspirit A bulletin board which is actually a story archive for one man's personal stories about the life of a unicorn.  Interesting stuff.
Wanderer's Library The eclectic Bard (as in celtic Bard) and punster of TSA who really needs to write more.
Wolphin's Writing Page More stories, mostly transformation, all by Wolphin.
The Writings of Brian Eirik Coe An archive of this person's writing (in case you hadn't guessed).   A number of interesting stuff, particularly the Passing Fad stories.  It also contains stories by some others.
Transformation Art Sites
Lancer Advanced An artist friend who also paints miniature figures.   Go figure.  :)
Mintz's World Not the best art, but he certainly has fun with it!
Other Interesting Sites
The Agrippa Sector The main page for the large online Warhammer 40,000 campaign of which I am a part.
Computer Stupidities Supposedly true stories of users and computers.  Terrifyingly funny.
Diplomacy 2000 A central clearing house for play by e-mail Diplomacy games.  If you want to play, this is the place to go.
Nugax An interesting site about painting models and miniatures.  Lots of interesting ideas.
Seanbaby's Superfriends Page For all of those who ever watched Superfriends in their youth.
Star Fleet Universe The home page for the game "Star Fleet Battles" which first came out in the late '70s and is still being published.  And which I've been playing since the late '70s.
Mailing Lists
TFWF Transformation Fiction Writers Forum.  A mailing list dedicated to critiquing stories and improving the writing of all involved.
TSA_talk The main list for general transformation literature.  I am a member.

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