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In an alternate reality, a humanity develops the biotech of new bodies that a person can put on and wear like a suit of clothes -- except that body can provide a new method of life support, of movement, of site, or of almost anything else.

I've written a few stories playing around with this concept, that are all loosely linked by background.  They're posted here.

Note: Returning Home is the introduction story, but I have written two others (Quiet and Love Amongst the Heavens) but they're being revised to be submitted for publication and hence are not posted here.


Returning Home (Oct 1999/Rev. May 2000) (227k) This all started when somebody posted the idea of a "Chain Story".  A small setup was provided, and then different characters were scattered and individual writers could volunteer to write what happens to one character.  I choose run and wrote a long story resolving the problem.  Sadly, nobody else did.  In early 2000, Raven hosted a "Merfolk" contest and I rewrote the beginning removing the links to the "Chain Story" and made this a stand alone story which I submitted.  Sadly it only won second.  :(

As to the story itself, Dr. Anita Lei has developed the physics and mathematical language to create a gate to alternate realities.  Sadly, she is too young to be taken seriously and thus others push her to the back and, not understanding her math, create a horrible accident that sends Dr. Lei to a distant reality.  There she has to first survive, and then she has to find a way home.


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