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These started as a background in "Dealing with the Faerie".  Since the background turned out to be so interesting, I ended up writing more stories within the same setting.  A setting that consists of a hollowed out Asteroid with a terraformed interior journeying from Sol to another star.

Note: There are two additional stories in this setting - "A Nightmare in Feathers" and "Stress Testing the Terminal Velocity of a Bunnytaur".  As I am currently editing these to submit for publication they cannot be posted here at this time.  Sorry.


Dealing with the Faerie (Jan 2004)  (16k) An interstellar colony ship is an entirely closed system.  What happens if something goes wrong?  And is the solution worse than the problem?  This story won Raven's Third "1000 Words" contest.
The Partridge (Dec 2003) (147k) This was my Christmas story for 2003.  Note that "Dealing with the Faerie" was the first story in this universe, but it wasn't finished the editing process before I wrote this one.  So, this one was actually the first one finished.  It's Christmas, you're on an Asteroid Ship, and you wish to propose.  How do you do it?

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