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Many years ago when I was young, I created some background notes for a Science Fiction campaign.  A few games were played, fun was had, and then it was abandoned.

Except by my brain.

Many years later I had an idea for a long story, with a long title, set within this background.  And I wrote it.  That story "Where Did all the Humans Go?" was well received and occurred far in the future of the universe so I had additional background notes.  Eventually, other stories popped into my head and popped out through my fingers.  Will there be more?  Almost certainly.  When?  Only my muse knows for sure!

Note: Two stories within this setting -- "Where Did All the Human's Go?" and "Fugue in Metal" are not posted.  The first is being expanded into a novel which I'm going to try and get published, and the second is being revised for magazine submission.  Sorry!

(In other words, there actually IS more than one story in this setting, even though only one is posted)


Master Made Me (May 2002)  (14k) When I saw the picture for Raven's first "1000 Words" contest, bits and pieces from the campaign background popped into my head and this story popped out.  It is complete, though it leads into more.  Eventually I may write the rest.  Don't worry though, this is a complete narrative on its own.  A human is kidnapped, changed, and enslaved.  What does she do?

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