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These were my first stories written after a long break.   Although I didn't write, I did GM various roleplaying games (particularly AD&D - now I'm dating myself as this was before it was renamed back to D&D).  Oddly, it seems that the break and/or the gamemastering had a significant positive affect on my writing.

In these stories a different measure of how to transform is examined, in this case creating a genetically engineered host body and then transplanting the desired brain from one body to another.  For both the destination bodies, I tried to be as realistic as I could to make them workable forms.  Of course, with greater experience and knowledge, it is unlikely that the centaur would need breathing slits, and the possibility of a merman being able to survive indefinitely solely through breathing the small amount of dissolved oxygen within ocean water is questionable.

I have distant vague plans of combining these two into a single novel, with a 3rd part in which the bad guys get beaten up and punished.  It's been started, but unfortunately I haven't been able to write much of it.  Sorry.


Dreams can Become Nightmares; Nightmares can Become Dreams (1999)  (139k) This is the first 'new' story I wrote in years, specifically because I had started posting to the TSA mailing list.  I went through a number of outlines, including almost completely finishing a story which was an excerpt from an advertising pamphlet written by a successful transformee, but I ended up with this much, much darker version.  An answer to the question of why a person would want to change form, this time into a merman.
Escaping my Father's Shadow (1999) (147k) Another brain transplant into a different form, and more complications by the bad guys.  Another answer to the question of why a person would want to change form, this time into a centaur.  I also need to offer a special thanks to various people and topics on the TSA mailing list for helping me work out how a centaur could work.

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