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This is the "catch all" category for stand alone SF stories that don't have links to other stories.  Or, more accurately, don't have other stories using the same background.  Be warned that stories can, and will, move out of this category into others when other stories are written within the same background.

The other big question to ask is, "what do I consider SF"?  As compared to fantasy of course.  My basic rule is that the story must be scientifically possible, or at least plausible.  Of course this is a very personal statement.  A lot of stories that are otherwise "SF" stories I've classified as fantasy because they involve things like "werecreatures" which I don't believe can actually exist.  The same criteria would apply to stories with psionics, that involve ghosts and spirits, or that use "scientific" explanations of things that I simply find impossible.

Of course, there are exceptions to this.  "Star Trek"* (by and large) contains a number of things that are pretty well impossible.  The Transporter.  The Universal Translator.  Thus I classify it more as science-fantasy.  However, due to majority of belief, I've stuck my one Star Trek* story (What are Little Girls Made Of) here, which simply proves that the category is not absolute.

In essence, it all boils down to my decision to break stories into smaller subgroups rather than one list, and a decision not to lump SF/F/H together in one category.

Regardless, enjoy!

*"Star Trek" and all related items (except for those related to Star Fleet Battles) are owned by Paramount Pictures.  I do not claim the copyright, or claim to own anything.  Etc. etc.


A Bee or Not a Bee (May 2000) (7k) This should probably be considered fantasy, but because of the way it's written I put it here.  It's a short little piece of fluff about mistaken identity -- or not.
Action MUST be Taken! (Jan 2006) (23k) A little bit of political satire (or is that silliness) about societal concerns, the US problems being resolved, and other civilized endeavours.
Breathing Exercises (Feb 2003) (19k) My entry in Raven's second "1000 Words" contest -- essentially write a story of at least 1000 words based on a provided picture.  Go HERE for the picture and more information.  It ended up being tied for 6th place, but oh well.  I had fun writing it.  A young human is born near the end of an interstellar journey and is raised and trained to explore a new world.  However, some lessons are harder than others... 
Can I help you? (April 2007) (6k) Welcome to the gas station of the future!  Here you will be served, and possibly recruited.
Christmas Dreams (Dec 2004) (21k) My seasonal story for Christmas 2004.  Be warned, it's not the happiest of stories.
The Coyote and Roadrunner Show (Nov 1999) (47k) A more realistic version of the famous Warner Brothers cartoons.  It's not what you expect though...
Down the Rabbit Hole (May 2002) (17k) Something completely different.  Yes, the environment is completely possible, though likely not ever feasible to build.
Fork in the Road (July 2007) A stand alone SF novel currently being serialized in the online ezine Anthro.  Enjoy!
Gifted (May 2007) (5k) Inspired by a picture I saw of a diver cleaning the inside glass of an aquarium whilst somebody watched from the other side.  The rest of the story is a rationale to set it up.
Home (July 2005) (6k) My first published work for money, paid for by the online ezine AlienSkin for their February issue.  It was only $5, but $5 is $5!
How did the Ceolacanth REALLY Survive? (July 1999) (38k) It contains a possible (not that I really believe it, but you never know) reason as to why the dinosaurs died, and as to why the Ceolacanth's survived.
The Power of Sugggestion (Jan 2000) (15k) Again, not really SF in the purest sense, but it feels as though it belongs here.  Virtual reality may do more than make you just think something is happening.
Psychological Reassignment - Case HM-474-353-793 (Mar 2006) (7k) What you get when you combine re-reading John Varley along with political discussions of Capitalism vs Socialism vs Welfare State.
Serving Freedom (April 2003) (9k) A utopian society ran by genetically enhanced humans who's brains have been moved into vats to live and grow and guide humanity with their superior wisdom.  Right?
Survival and Sacrifice (Aug 2002) (48k) A man wakes up and finds that he's no longer human.  Slowly he finds out what he's become.
Swimming through the Aftermath (May 2006) (8k) After seeing too many mermaid pictures/photomorphs with tepid happy expressions, I decided there had to be an explaination!
What are Little Girls Made Of? (Jan 2002) (7k) Dr. McCoy was right.
You get what you Wished For (June 2005) (11k) This is a little bit of "TF Porn" (a story pretty well just about a physical TF) that I wrote based upon a picture by Eala Dubh.  The picture is at the top of the story.

Copyright 2002-2005 Michael Bard.  Please send any comments to him at mwbard@transform.to