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I've always loved "classic SF".  By that I mean the works form the 40s and 50s of people like Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Poul Anderson, A.E. van Vogt, and countless others.  And I've always had an itch to write something in that classic vein.  Something back in the days when one could take an atomic rocketship from Earth and sail the canals of Mars or tromp through the jungles of Venus.

Sadly, I'm too much of a physicist at heart to ever be able to do that given what we know about the solar system.

Seemingly unrelated, I've always had a pet peeve with "furry" literature -- stories about anthropomorphic animals.  In all the stories Tigers and Lions and Deer and Rabbits all seem to live happily side by side in harmony in a near perfect world.  I'm sorry, but if such a selection of sentients existed, it would NOT all be peace and harmony...

One day Raven announced her forth "1000 Words" contest with a picture of a green insectoid woman holding a human baby.  Click HERE to see the picture.  And, after a little thought, a devious idea entered my mind and fairly quickly this entire universe took shape.

Thousands of years ago a precursor race in the Sol system terraformed Mars and Venus, uplifted hundreds of races, and then mysteriously disappeared.  These races grew and developed, most living on Terra (Earth), fighting their wars, forming their societies, and learning how the universe worked.  There were too massive wars between the extreme carnivores, or "Omnivores" who believed it was their right to consume sentients, and those who disagreed.  Eventually the Omnivores were forced to flee off Terra and eventually settled in the Asteroid Belt whilst the other races inhabited the worlds of Venus, Terra, and Mars, formed their own planetary union.  The union is united, guarded, protected, and aided, by the sentients of the Patrol!

These are there stories.

These stories are, to the best of my ability, being told as Hard SF.  I.e. as realistic as possible.  A primary online source to develop the rocketship technology has been the Atomic Rockets site.  It's highly recommended.


Becoming a Patrol Sentient (Jan 2005) (142k) Kyros Imbreos, a centaur from Mars, is in training to be a member of the Patrol.  He's on his cadet cruise, and he's beginning to have second thoughts as to whether he can handle the job.  This is his story.
Hunters (June 2006) Published in the April issue of Renard's Menagerie.  My second paying publication and my first appearance in a paid PRINT publication.
The Survivor (Oct 2006) (88k) Not all people like The Patrol, and some will die before submitting,  But they will only die kicking and screaming, and resisting to their last breath.

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