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Xanadu is a shared story universe originally created by Bryan Derksen and inspired by the "No More Fakes" universe. It features a fictional science fiction/fantasy convention in Orlando, Florida that was struck by a powerful magical spell causing everyone to transform into whatever was depicted by the costume they were wearing. The convention is called Kublai Con, and by way of punnish reference to Kublai Khan the convention center it's held at is temporarily redesignated from "Orlando Convention Center" to "Xanadu" About ten thousand people or more were affected to various degrees. Other than this, though, the universe is our ordinary real-world one. (written by Bryan Derksen)


Five Hours, Thirty-two Minutes (Dec 2005) (64k) A boy dreams of being free, and of never being alone again.  He goes to Xanadu, and sort of gets his wish.
Flying Free (Feb 2006) (137k) A woman goes to Xanadu to get some ideas to finish her anthro pegasus costume and gets it finished in ways she'd never dreamed.
Now I will believe that there are Unicorns (Dec 2005) (16k) A sad man looks at a picture of a unicorn at Xanadu as he's transformed...
Something Fishy (Jan 2006) (65k) A fanatic decides to win the costume contest at Xanadu at ANY price.
Tale of a Tail (July 2006) (6k) Not everybody at Xanadu wanted to be wearing a costume.
The Tale of the Ivory Otherkin (April 2006) (33k) Some who went to Xanada were more fanatical and others.  Were they deluded?  Or did they just know things that the rest of us have forgotten?
Main Xanadu Story Archive To read other Xanadu stories, click on the link.
Old Main Xanadu Archive Originally this was the complete archive, but it has not been updated in a couple of years and is outdated.  However, it does include stories not in the archive linked above.

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