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Over the years I have written essays and discussions on various things.  Gradually I'm going to get them formatted and inserted here.

All opinions are my own (or the author's).  Your mileage may vary.  Etc.


Why did the Classical World Never Develop a Machine-Based Society? (April 1987) (17k) In university I took various courses on Classical Civilization as electives around my physics major.  During one of them I decided to find out why the Classical Greek and Roman World had NOT had an industrial revolution.  My answer was this essay.
The Inuit (1974) (9k) I post this for amusement, not to provide any actual information as this is the oldest document I have that I wrote.  It was an assignment in Grade 4 when I was 9 years old.  Other than removing one reference to a picture, and not scanning in the images photocopied from an encyclopedia, I have transcribed the document as accurately as I could -- including spelling and grammar errors.  Be afraid!

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