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Update History
March 16, 2006 The rest of the big update with all of my non-TBP stuff, including "Flying Free" and "Something Fishy" in the Xanadu section, "Psychological Reassignment - Case HM 474-353-893" and "Action MUST be Taken!" in the Other SF section, "The Dragon, the Rock, and the Wanderer" and "A Happy Hoppy World" in the Other Fantasy section, and, finally, a bit of doggerel (masquerading as poetry) "The Wild" in the Other Other Stuff section.
March 15, 2006 Sadly delayed, and substantial TBP update.  Added "The Fastest TBP Christmas Story in the West" by Feech, "The Essence of Art" by Phil Geusz and Heather White, "Gnade Street" by SR Foxley, "The Dream Lives On" by ShadowWolf, "Skitter" by Checkers, an untitled story by Kamau, and "Thirty Seconds over the North Pole" by Michael Bard and its follow up "Thirty Seconds over the North Pole - Afterward" by Wanderer.
Jan 28, 2006 Added pictures and some notes about the historical campaign I'm involved with to the Historicals Page, along with the first installment of pictures (and construction notes) of some of my historicals terrain.  Added the first two pages documenting the Imperial Fists army I'm building from odds and ends lying around.  Created a "disambigulation" page for the "Tales from the Blind Pig" so that all the links to the index page still have somewhere to go.  The page contains a brief description, and a link to the three new pages.  There is no link back to it from within the site.
Jan 3, 2006 Added "In Dreams" to Equestrian's page.
Jan 2, 2006 Story update.  Added "Most Wanted" and "The Good Life" to Equestrian's page.  Updated the version of "Being a Patrolsentient" in the Space Cadet page.  Added "The Mug of Doom" by Hallan Mirayas and "The Price We Pay" and "A Quiet Night" by Tal Greywolf to the TBP pages.  Made some minor corrections to the Chronological TBP page.
Jan 1, 2006 Where to start...  Large reorganization of site adding the Top Level links for "Centaur Empire", "Xanadu" and "Historicals".  Moved the two Centaur Empire stories out of the Other Fantasy page into their new home; moved the Hoplite Shield article out of the Other Other into its new home.  Added the first (of hopefully many) other authors hosted on this site with Equestrian Horsewrangler's stories.  For now it only has "You're the Inspiration" (moved from Other Fantasy) but more are coming.  Split the "Tales from the Blind Pig" page up into an Introduction Page, an Author Page (all stories sorted by author name), and a Chronological Page (all stories with known date listed chronologically).  Added two of my own stories "Five Hours, Thirty-two Minutes" and "Now I will believe that there are Unicorns" to the Xanadu page.  Modified the Winds of Change page to include a link to the main Winds of Change archive.  Fixed a broken link in the Links page and added a link to Bryan Derksen's "Shifti Wiki".

Nov 1, 2005 NOT TBP.  When I was in university between 1984 and 1988 I sketched over 200 historically based hoplite shield designs for the Classical Greek Hoplite Army I knew I would paint one day.  I've been painting the army, and finally got the shields scanned in so that I am no longer dependent on a single paper copy.  Anyway, the shield designs, and notes, are not uploaded in the "Other Other" section for your amusement, and as an aid to those of you who are painting a Classical Greek Hoplite Army.
Sept 20, 2005 Guess what?  More TBP.  "Wings of Healing" by Michael Bard (me), "Da Mob" and "Golden Years" by Phil Geusz, and "The Babysitter", "The Decision", "Faith Healing", "The Neighbor" and "One Day in a Nice Neighborhood" by Thomas Mezanec.
Sept 5, 2005 Massive TBP update which puts the archive above 300 stories!!  Added "United" by Jacob Blue Fox, "Ever have the Feeling it's going to be one of those Days?" by Andrew Kaiser, "Dark Matters" and "Maeror Tactitus" by Wanderer (the latter was never on the index page...), "Air to Surface" and "Tex" by Greg Williams, "Anniversary", "Con Sequences", "Disclosure", "Double Vision", "Fireburst", "A Glow in the Dark", "It's a Blue Night Tonight", "Mouse Remembered", "Oren's Okay", "Otter and Lizard Tails", "Pet Rabbit", "Prayer Meeting", "Revelations, Truth, Sex and Life", "Simplicity Complicated", "Taboo, Tasteless, and oh so Delicious", "The Cat and the Mouse", and "Secrets, Lies, Sex and Death" all by BlueNight, AND "Let Down" and "Another Trophy for the Wall" by Sly Rabbit.  And, all this, along with more reconfiguration of the chronological archive!  (which is now complete as I have indexed all of the TSA-talk archives)
Sept 3, 2005 Big TBP.  Added "Late Breaking News" by James Cole, "Car 38", "The Life and Times of Chris Sholock" and "The Life and Times of Chris Sholock: Just Another Day on the Job" by David Ihnen, "Behind Every Man..." and "Under Cloud and Under Star" by Radioactive Loner, and "An Innocent Deception", "Epilogue", "Simplicity", and "TBP/MK Dreams" by Oren the Otter.
Aug 31, 2005 Small TBP update.  Added "One Last Night" and "Sides of the Fox" by Fox Cutter.
Aug 29, 2005 Another big TBP update.  Added "A Passing over Mars" by Jacob Blue Fox, "Thomas" by Andrew Kaiser, "A Tempest for Ophelia", "Calm Seas, Auspicious Gales", "Life's but a Waking Shadow", "Tara's Story", "To Show Virtue her own Feature", and "Trying to make his way Home" all by Radioactive Loner, "A Place for Freedom" and "Otherworlds" by Oren the Otter, "Interlude" and "Waterslide" by Qualin, "Homecoming" by Wanderer, and "A Christmas Story" by Captain Webster.  Also made significant updates to the chronological archive.
Aug 16, 2005 Big TBP update.  Added "The Extra" and "Where are the Monsters?" by James Cole, "*Bleep*ing Hockey", "Blue", "Dog and Pony Show", "Finally", "Fox Hunting", "The Education of Jacob Fox" and "The Hand you Deal Yourself" by Jacob Blue Fox, along with "Bar Vignette", "Christmas Shopping", "NPC's", "Phone Call" and "You're a Good Friend" by Oren the Otter.
Aug 9, 2005 TBP still.  Added stories by Jason-Roo Tracer (aka Jessie Tracer/Electric Keet)
Aug 7, 2005 TBP.  Added "Family Photo" by Jon Sleeper, "The Horsey Set", "He Only Comes out at Night", "Dealing with Peggy", "Epony Foundation: MEMO" and "Justice?...or Revenge?" by Tony Cheval, "Intro" by Qualin and "First Day Jitters" by Phil Geusz
Aug 4, 2005 Added "Common Ground" by Phil Geusz, "Cat on a Hot Titanium Bike" by Rodford "Stickmaker" Edmiston, and "Reset Switch" by Eric Schneider and Bob "Posti" Stein to the TBP section (where else?)
Aug 2, 2005 More TBP odds and ends.  A story by Charles Bonanno "To Dream Perchance to...", a lost story by Hallan Mirayas "Trial by Fire", a forgotten story by Andrew Kaiser "Living in Want", another story by Wanderer "Maeror Tacticus" and two additional stories by Greg Williams "Simulator Wings" and "Skindancer"
July 27, 2005 More TBP updates include two stories by Richard Reid, one by Andrew Kaiser, two by Greg Williams, another story by Wanderer (Round Here), and 10 stories by James S. Cole.
July 26, 2005 I actually posted one of MY stories!  Yay!  Of course, it is a TBP story...  Look for Homecoming in the TBP section.
July 25, 2005 TBP as usual.  Includes 14 stories by Charles M. Bonanno, 2 stories by Rodford "Stickmaker" Edmiston, an almost missed story by Kim Liu "Due Respect" and another story by Phil Geusz "Seventh Circle".  The archive has now broken 200 stories!
July 17, 2005 TBP.  "Death is Real" by Phil Geusz.  So disturbing it came close to giving me nightmares.  A must read if your stomach can take it.
July 16, 2005 Yes, TBP again.  A LOT of work has been done on the chronological portion of the archive, along with the addition of a story by Brian Eirik Coe (The Blind Pig Zone), Jack deMule (Life is Just a Walking Shadow...No Shadows Without Light), Bob Stein (A Little Night Music - For Wanderer) and Wanderer (Wulfnacht)
July 15, 2005 The usual TBP.  Five stories by Bill Hart.  Comments on his own stories by Quentin "Cubist" Long, and "The Gift of the Woods" placed in the chronological archive.
July 11, 2005 The usual TBP...  Five stories by Jack deMule and six stories written solely by Hallan Mirayas.
July 8, 2005 More TBP (what else).  Six stories by Brian Eirik Coe (including two co-written with Jon Sleeper).  Also updated some formatting errors and a spelling error on the links page.
July 7, 2005 Wow!  A break between updates!  Who'd a thought?  Anyway, another seven TBP stories up by Kim Liu including the sadly forgotten "Zoo'm'n Beings"
July 1, 2005 Six new TBP stories -- three by Bryan Derksen and three by Jon Sleeper -- along with three more stories by Oren the Otter (A Worthwhile Pursuit, Cat Fancy, and the notorious Zoroaster).  The organization of the TBP archive was almost modified slightly with shading of the various "header" sections codified and extended.  Also, at 147 stories, the TBP archive here is the largest single website archive of TBP stories available.  To the best of my knowledge anyway.
June 30, 2005 Only one TBP this time -- "Success, in a Nutshell" by Phil Geusz.
June 29, 2005 The usual TBP.  Seven stories by Oren the Otter (one co-written with Phil Geusz) and four stories by Phil Geusz (one co-written with Oren the Otter).  And the one TBP story by Captain Webster.
June 28, 2005 More TBP.  A story by Hepzibah "Eppie" Bix, five more stories by Channing, and 25 more by Feech.  So endeth the alphabetical update of the Feech and Channing stuff!
June 27, 2005 Guess what!  More TBP!  (Yea, it's going to continue like this as I get the archive up to snuff).  Added a story by Wonderwolf, by Phil Geusz, two by Channing (one co-written with Phil), 12 by Feech, and one by Michael Bix.  Enjoy!
June 26,2005 And TBP continues.  Added three stories by Charles Matthias.
June 25, 2005 Ongoing TBP goodness.  Added Quentin "Cubist" Long's stories (the ones other than "One Small Step" anyway).  Also added 8 stories by Matthew Charles.
June 24,2005 More TBP goodness.  Added Bob Stein's "Having a Ball", "Site for Sore Eyes", "The Cereal Killer" and "The Visit".  Added all the stories by Raven Blackmane.  Added "As Yes Samhaine", "Stars", and "Wander-Full" by Wanderer.
June 23, 2005 More TBP madness.  Added Bob Stein's (aka Posti's) stories.  Also added "Rydia's Tale" by Mark van Sciver and "Thanksgiven" by Wanderer.  I also updated the notes on the TBP pages and reordered the chronological archive based on research in the TSA-talk archives.
June 22, 2005 Added Doug Linger's and Xepher's stories to the TBP archive.  Added Equestrian Horsewranglers' "You're the Inspiration" to the Other F section (the inspiration for my "Inspire Me" in the same section).   Added Brian Derksen's web page "Derksen Industries" to the "Links, Rings, and Mailing Lists" section.
June 21, 2005 Added an essay of mine from Grade 4 to the Essays section and added Wanderer's and Sly Rabbit's stories to the Tales from the Blind Pig section along with the current unfinished version of "One Small Step..." by myself and Quentin Long.  Modified the intro notes to the TBP section to mention that a number of authors requested comments and links to their website, and that any stories NOT in the chronological archive are marked with "*".  Also added "You get What You Wished For" to Other SF.
June 20, 2005 Grabbed four really useful writing tips from Fish's website and put them in the Writing School section.  Sadly, Fish is taking his website down so I put them up here, with his permission, to keep these highly useful pages available.  I also sat down and got the Other Fantasy section updated with all the appropriate stories.  In addition, the Winds of Change, Other Horror, and Essays sections were updated with the appropriate information.  Finally, I updated the "Other Other Stuff" section with a bit of poetry, and a miniature project.  And yes, there is STILL more (it was a long boring day...).  The Links, Rings, and Mailing Lists page has been filled out.  And, as the boredom continued, I also finished the Writing School.  FINALLY, the uploading of all my old stuff is COMPLETE!  YAY!
June 19, 2005 So much for the roll...  I've updated ALL the links along the left side menu to link to their appropriate page.  Some of them don't yet have content, but since updating all the menus is the most time consuming effort of the update, I thought I'd get it all out of the way now.  A new primary category "Other Stuff" and all of its categories have been added.  The "Tales from the Blind Pig" section has had my own TBP work added, along with having the timeline page finished, and the chronological archive added.  The appropriate stories have also been put into the Planck's Gate, Space Cadet, and Survifur sections.  Finally, the graphic awards supplied by Raven in her contests have been attached to the appropriate stories.
March 20, 2005 I seem to be on a roll here...  Added the "Asteroid Ship", "Agrippa Campaign" and "A History of the Future" stories
March 18, 2005 Updated the division lists to incorporate all the new fiction since 2002 and updated the "Other SF" section.  I also finally decided to settle on this HTML format and "lock" the code
March 17, 2005 Completed the "Tales of the World" section.  Also updated the e-mail and page copyright information
January 31, 2004 Started work on a master archive for "Tales of the Blind Pig"
August 21, 2002 Received permission and updated 'Diary of a Centaur in a Human's World' to include the picture kindly created by Arthur Pearson/The Intolerable Picklejuice.   Add stories for the groups 'After the Earth is Destroyed' and 'Of Brains and Bodies'
August 14, 2002 First public BETA announced
August 13, 2002 Diary of a Centaur in a Human's World added.
August 12, 2002 First primitive ALPHA version posted with Supermare

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